USA – Day 5 – Onwards to Alaska

Luckily we set the alarm as it woke us out of a deep sleep at 5am. We got and dressed and packed our final things before saying our farewells to our lovely room.


Our driver was waiting for us when we got downstairs and we were soon on the way to the airport. Traffic was just starting to build so it is a quite a quick trip to LAX. Once there we finished checking in (couldn’t do it all as we couldn’t print up a boarding pass) and waited in the rather long security line. It moved along though and spend time chatting to the lady in front of us. Here we had to take off our shoes and jackets but luckily we didn’t have to do the full body scan.

We spotted a Starbucks so Kevin was excited to get a proper coffee and I got tea and bagel (which I ate half off).

IMG_2469 IMG_2470

We didn’t wait too long before our flight on Alaskan Airlines started boarding.


Then it was a pretty quick 5 hour flight to Anchorage. I watched the last two episodes of Glee season 2 and read some of my book.


You had to buy your own food – I got a cheese platter and Kevin got the vegetarian snake pack – both of which were very yummy.



Kevin had the window seat so got to see our arrival into Anchorage.


And what I could see of the snow capped mountains looked awesome.


Once at the airport (which was really lovely) we collected our luggage and called ABC Motorhomes who came and picked us up and drove us to their offices – about 2mins away. We had our first glitch about insurance. I assumed we’d paid it as part of the cost (since we had to have it) but it was sorted out easily and cost just $10 a day which is the cheapest insurance ever (who knows what we’re covered for though!!!!).We had a little wait and were then shown around the MH (motorhome). It looks really good and I think we’re going to be very happy here for the next 8 nights.

IMG_2500 IMG_2499 IMG_2516

Finally we were on our way….

not that we got very far before stopping for groceries at Fred Meyer. This store is HUGE!!!!! Nothing like it in Australia. The supermarket section would be 2-3 times the size of most Aussie supermarkets, then there’s other section (like k-mart/target).

We were really hungry as it was around 2.30pm (or 3.30pm Anaheim time) so we bought some lunch and got tea/coffee in Starbucks. We decided to buy some travel cups so we can enjoy tea as we’re driving around



Because the store is so big it took us forever to get our groceries. Such a selection!!!! WOW!!!IMG_2520

It was after 4pm before we were finished, had put away the groceries and were on our way…again…IMG_2525

Within 10mins we were surrounded with gorgeous views. Wow, oh, wow is all I can say.


We had a brief stop to make sure all vents/window were shut – they were – as the MH is rather noisy.



About half way into our 2.5 hour drive we stopped for a break. beside the river.




And made a cup of tea, which we enjoyed with a red velvet cupcake. More stunning scenery…

We got a little lost trying to find the RV Park – some signs were missing and the road sign covered by trees. But we did see our first husky – old puppy that he was.


Then finally around 7pm we pulled into the Stoney Creek RV Park. We got checked in and parked on our site.

IMG_2549 IMG_2552

It’s in a beautiful location surround by the snow capped mountains – which we’re in love with.


I got our luggage unpacked, played on the computer with my limited internet access and finally got myself some dinner around 8.30pm. My first Amy’s frozen meal was delicious – tasted just like homemade.


It’s so light that it doesn’t feel late but I made myself go to bed around 10.30pm. I think it finally got dark around midnight and we getting light again by 3am. Unfortunately the MH does not have block out blinds – only ones for privacy. It was also quite cold overnight and the bed is a little hard. But I got a reasoanable nights sleep.

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  1. I loved the snake pack, but where was the snake? Maybe because it was vegetarian LOL. That view is to die for. Looks like winter, but wow to not many hours of darkness.

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