USA – Day 8 – Bears in the wild

Today started with breakfast at the Broadwalk Bakery out on the spit.


The owner was lovely and encouraged us to put a pin in Wollongong.


Upon her recommendation we order some waffles to share. There was only outdoor seating (and it was cold) so we ate in the MH.


Outside we found this cute pup.


Then it was time for todays adventure – a plane trip to hang out with some grizzly bears with Alaska Bear Adventures.


After being fitted for hip-wadders (a difficult process for me due to my big leg due to my previous DVT), we had a flight briefing and were then off for the 1.5 hour trip. After we went through quite a bit of cloud we flew over mountains and volcanoes, which was pretty awesome.




When we touched down on the rocky beach we had a short walk … then we spotted what we came to see… bears. There were 2 young males (around 2-3yrs old) and behind them in the distance you might be able to make out a mother with her cub.


Kevin got right to work with the big camera.


As you can see it was rather chilly…but at least it didn’t rain…



We watched these cubs for some time, then moved up the beach to admire/laugh at this young female. This time we were nice and close.


She was fast asleep when we arrived and didn’t care at all that we were close. Check out her claws!


She eventually propped herself up to check us out, but was so tired she could barely keep her head up. I never thought I’d see a bear this relaxed in the wild. It was so cute and so funny.


Love this photo – it looks like she’s looking right at Kevin.


Eventually she moved off to get a drink of water.


Then as we waited on the beach she we walked right in front of us.



Then she spotted the two males and took off after them – chasing one of them up the beach, around the rocks and all the way over to another field. She sure had plenty of energy after all that lazy around. The guides didn’t know why she was chasing them so it will remain a mystery.


You could their paw prints on the beach.



As we headed back it was lucky we were wearing wadders…



Unfortunately Kevin’s had a hole (in both) so his feet got wet! Next stop was the very rustic toilets – which us girls were very greatful for.


Then time to see another field with lots of bears (off in the distance) grazing….including this mother and cub.



The beach was covered with rocks and shells. I would loved to have bought back one of these blue shells for the girls.


Then it was time for some group photos.



The two guys standing beside Kevin are from Australia and have just started a 8 month motorbike trip from Alaska to Antartica called Circle to Circle. Needless to say Kevin enjoyed chatting with them and is VERY jealous of their trip.

Sadly we had to leave the bears and head back to Homer. We ate lunch on the way…


and enjoyed more beautiful scenery.



The houses are so cute in Alaska and instead of having a row of shops joined together, every building is seperate & unique.


Back in town we drove out to the spit again to see the Salty Dawg Saloon. It’s world famous and most people will buy a t-shirt – but we were happy to take a photo from outside.


The best thing about the drive out here was that we spotted our very first Golden.


And were able to give him a pat. So cute.


We then headed back to RV park for some afternoon tea and do some laundry. Around 6.30pm we headed out to find some dinner. I had noticed this cute building this morning.


It was opened but it was full – which is a good sign I guess. Instead of waiting for table we opted to get a takeaway pizza. Which still meant we had to wait. We sat outside in front of the bookshop part.


We took our pizza back to the MH were we enjoyed it. It was double cheese and so very good.


Later I showered, blogged and actually caught up on some blog reading.

Tomorrow : A BIG drive to Talkeetna (inspirational town for Northern Exposure)

4 thoughts on “USA – Day 8 – Bears in the wild

  1. Looks like you’re having a great time, Libby, I have spent the morning catching up with your trip. I love your holiday posts!

  2. Looks like you’re having such an amazing time, what a fantastic trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska & this just makes me want to go even more 🙂
    N x

  3. Ive always wanted to go to Alaska, Loved the photo’s of the bear relaxing, that was priceless. glad you are having such a fantastic trip.

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