USA – Day 13 – Segways and sled dogs (yep, again)

Before we set off this morning I took a photo of our MH next to the BUS that came in beside us. It was at least twice the size of ours. I would not to be driving that all over the country.


We left the MH park around 8.30am and drove to our hotel – the Historic Anchorage in downtown – to drop off our luggage.



We then drove out the RV Rental place, stopping to refill petrol along the way. They then gave us a life back to the downtown area.  Unfortunately we now discovered the shared food drop table too late and we’d already thrown up quite a bit of food, excepting totally sealed items. I thought it a shame we hadn’t been told about the table when we arrived.

We had a bit of an explore around some shops, and tried to work out if we could get this dog or moose home to Australia. I think not!


I picked up a couple of tops in Nordstroms and we had some morning tea.


This cake was delicious.


I was Gymberee buying some clothes for Christy when everything shook. I asked the sales girls “what was that?” and she said the workmen doing  renovations next door. We later found out it was indeed a 5.2 earthquake.


We then went looking for an extra suitcase in JC Penny. They had some lovely Samsonites and the best part 60% off. We’ve been wanting to upgrade our bags for some time so this was a great opportunity. We saved over $1000 and probably another $500 than if we’d bought them in Australia. Amazing!!!


We wheeled them back to our room which was now ready. And boy, oh, boy and is it fabulous. I treated us to the Juniour Suite as it wasn’t much dearer so we have a seperate lounge area. I’m thinking we’re going to sleep like babies in this bed tonight.




Since we’ve got an early start in the morning I repacked our suitcases. Aren’t they so cute?


And the tag? It was meant to be :-).


We headed out to get some lunch and found this Thai place just around the corner.



We shared Ginger Tofu which was delicious.


This is was time for our Segway tour of Anchorage.

IMG_0608 IMG_3093

Kevin has done one before but it was my first time. It took me a while to get the hang of it – especially turning – but it was lots of fun. And a great way to see some of the sights. It’s a lovely town and I especially love the flowers EVERYWHERE.





A statue of Captain Cook.


A beavers den.



And the Railroad Depot where we’ll be bright and early in the morning.



And Kevin being a moose…. no idea why!!!


After our tour we enjoyed an ice cream and I gave my feet a bit of a rest. I then went to the souvenier shop next door to pick up a few things then uploaded some photos before we headed out for tonights event. Can you guess what it involves?  Yep, more sled dogs.

We had such a good time at the Seavey’s place in Seward, we decided to also see the Wildride Sled Dog Rodeo run by son, Dallas Seavey.


Over dinner we got to talk to Dallas and here about how he plans for the Yukon Quest and Iditarod. His love for his dogs and his sport is amazing.


Dinner was yummy. They forgot my vegetarian so it was bought out late. But I was happily enough having bits from the other dinner. When they did remember my meal it was a beautiful pasta filled with ricotta. Yum.


And then there was desert. Goodness me this baked cheesecake was the best I’d ever had.


We then watched a short video about the Iditarod – which was actually the one we’d seen at the Headquarters the other day. Then it was outside for the show. This was really well done and we both enjoyed it. So different to our experience in Seward that it was definitely worth doing both of them.



This beautiful pup actually got to be the musher – too cute.


They showed us the strength of the dogs.


And here a full team of 16 pulled a loaded truck (oops, I forgot to photograph the truck)



After the show we got to meet some of the dogs. Including one of our favourites…


Check out the size of those paws.


This beauty was in the movie Snow Buddies, and is a pet, not a sled dog.


And there was, of course, more puppies. But these babies were just 5 weeks old.


Just look at those eyes. She had sharp puppy teeth too I tell you 🙂


Then it was back to the hotel for a shower, blogging and hopefully a fantastic nights sleep.

Tomorrow : Train to Seward and the start of our cruise. It also means a likely ending to blogging for a while. So if you’re keen to keep up make sure you’re my friend on facebook.


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