Day 14 – All aboard

Our phone rang at 5am, luckily as we were both fast asleep. We got up, got dressed, packed up and headed downstairs where our 5.30am taxi driver had just arrived. A quick $3 cab fare later (we gave him $10 because we could see the station from our room but had 5 cases to deal with) we were at the station. We were pleased to be able to check in our luggage with RCCL so it would delivered right to our cabin on board Radiance of the Seas. We got checked in and were able to collect the $40 in vochures we had leftover from our booking, and received our gold class pins.


It was then a short wait till the train arrived and we were able to board.




At 6.45am the train departed. About half the trip was alongside the road we had driven just over a week ago on our way to Seward. We had the perfect blue sky day for it and didn’t even need big bulky jackets – which was nice for a change. Before we had even left the station we were taken downstairs to the dining cart (since we were seated in the second row). We had a lovely breakfast and a nice chat with another couple who are also going on the cruise.




We spent most of the 4 hour trip looking out the window enjoying the view. We did spot a black bear right close to the train. I was able to get some video but the photos didn’t turn out due to glare on the glass.






There is also an outdoor viewing area but it was a bit windy out there.


Midmorning Kevin went in search of some snacks to share. Drink were complimentary. That cookie was delicious.


Our train was actually running late so we didn’t arrive in Seward until 11.30pm. We thought about going into town (since we hadn’t visited the actual town on our previous visit) and got onboard the free shuttle. But when the shuttle went to the ship first we decided just to get off and get onboard.


Check in was quick and painless as it was very early.


I forgot to take a photo of the ship with my camera – only my i-phone – but it’s a sister ship to the one we went on last year.

Unfortunately there was a big mix up with our dinner booking. We were supposed to have main seating at 6pm – it said so on our sea pass. But we had no table allocated and there were no more left. We weren’t the only ones this happened to (around 200 I was told) and no one was very impressed. After a good 30 mins of seeing different people they finally made another traditional dining time of 7pm. Not ideal but it was okay. We then headed up to Windjammers for some lunch. We kind of dined in 3 stages. We had a small plate of food here. I was pleasantly surprised with the vegetarian options – much more than I often have.



More exploring. Finally at 1pm we were able to get into our cabin. I’m so happy. I didn’t realize we’d have such a big balcony and being at the back it seems to have good wind protection.



We went back out to do some more exploring. I had to laugh when I saw this picture of the pool….with the snow capped mountains in the background. It seems so wrong :-).


Kevin & I hung out for a while trying to get facebook photos to load (unsuccessfully).


Then it was time for part 2 of lunch. I had a bowl of salad and Kevin had a hotdog.



We wondered around a little more and we had tea and plate of dessert to share. Yum.


Back to our room and luggage had finally arrived. Kevin was quick to settle down for a nap while I unpacked. I then lay in the sun on the balcony – it was so nice to bask in the sun and be warm. I managed to upload some photos and read some of my book. Just before 7pm we headed down to dinner.


Only to discover the saga was not over. We were seated at a table for 2, which was not what we’d wanted, we like to meet new people on the cruise and linger over dinner. Also we were near the entrance which was busy with people waiting and moving around for their any time reservations. I ended up having a bit of a panic attack. Stupid, crazy I know but it was totally spinning me out to see crowds of people while I was trying to relax and enjoy my dinner. It was just such a wrong picture and I couldn’t cope. I ended up switching with Kevin so I was facing the relaxed dining room and I was okay. With only the 2 of us being served dinner was very quick and even though I only had a roll and half my delicious enchillas – I was too full for desert. I did order one though and only ate half.



Dinner was so quick we were finished in 45mins and that was with me playing around trying to make a meal last longer :-(. Oh, well, only another 6 nights to go. After dinner we had to do the muster liferaft drill – which meant we had to stand outside in the cold for 20mins – not fun and hardly anyone had thought to take a jacket – we didn’t as we’d come straight from dinner. We went right to get coffee and tea (but ugh, the tea was horrible).


The ship had already set sail while we were doing so. Back in the room the surprise I had ordered for Kevin had turned up – choc covered strawberries.


We took them, and our teas, onto our verandah to enjoy while we left port. I didn’t have my traditional virgin pina colada at sail away as I was too cold after the muster drill. But the strawberries might be a new tradition :-).



It seemed sad, like we were leaving Alaska and I’m not ready to leave yet. Luckily we’re not really. We headed back indoors when it got cold and read for a bit before going to sleep.


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  1. wow, gorgeous views from your train ride, love that photo of the lake/sea with the reflection! stunning 🙂 enjoy your cruise!

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