Day 15 – Viewing the Hubbard Glacier

Believe it or not we slept in till 8am today! Just shows what happens when you’ve got a nice comfy bed and block out curtains. Once we got up and dressed we headed to Windjammers for breakfast. I got a nice selection but was too full to each of my favourite chocolate donut :-(.


After breakfast we checked out the shops. We thought about going to see a movie but it had already started.


Instead we went back to the room, and with the internet package that Kevin bought, was able to upload a blog post for yesterday. I sat outside and boy was I frozen when I was finished.


I did a bit of reading till it was time to head for our 2pm lunch at Rita’s – the new Mexican restaurant onboard. It’s one that costs – but at $10 for our meal we weren’t too worried. Once seated we were served the most delicious corn chips – I don’t think I’ve ever had any this good before.


We ordered Vegetable Burritos for 2 which were so yummy.


All enjoyed as we cruised up to the Hubbard Glacier. We loved watching all the ice float pass – some of the pieces were HUGE!


After lunch we bundled up and went outside for some more viewing and photo taking.



It was cold but pretty awesome.


We decided to get changed and go hang out in the Thermal Suites in their heated seats. We thought it would be packed but we were the only ones there. So we had a million dollar view, were nice and warm and had lovely relaxing music.


Finally we were right up beside the glacier and we able to see a bit of carving.



We the ship turned to head back out we headed back to our room since we had our very on balcony to hang out on.


Hear we could the thunderous noise the ice makes with it carves. Just amazing.


Eventually we went back inside and I read for a bit before getting sleepy enough to actually want/need an afternoon snooze – something I very rarely do. I think I napped for 2 hours so I must have really need it. When I woke up it was 6.30pm and I no way felt like getting all dressed up for formal night in the dining. Instead we decided to just to Windjammers – no makeup need for that :-).


Another nice meal which we ate watching the water go by. And Kevin even spotted a humpback whale which was quite exciting.


A scoop of ice cream for desert and we headed back to the room to find our first towel animal – a penguin – so cute!


Now that I’ve blogged today it’s time to read some of the latest Snookie Stackhouse.

4 thoughts on “Day 15 – Viewing the Hubbard Glacier

  1. Oh my, I am sooo behind in reading your blog!! I need to catch up and read all about your USA adventure 🙂 Glad I don’t have anything important to do today 🙂

  2. OK, I am all caught up! 🙂

    Too cute about the suitcases, you HAD to get them with those tags! LOL!

    Loved the pic from the thermal suites, great idea!

    Sorry about the whole dining fiasco 🙁 Must have been a lot of upset people on that ship! 45 Minutes for dinner? Wow, I would have LOVED that! I am not one to linger in dining rooms anymore now that we have Kira 🙄 But I felt bad for you because you DO like to linger and chat with your tablemates an you didn’t get to do any of that 🙁

    Looking forward to hearing about the rest!

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