USA – Day 16 – Disappointment in Juneau

We woke around 7am, showered, dressed and headed up to Windjammers for breakfast. We then sat in one of the bars as we came into Juneau. As you can see there was lots of low clouds so we were feeling doubtful that our dog sled ride on the glacier would be on (we already know it’s the most cancelled excursion).


We were able to depart just after 9am we learned that yes, indeed, the weather was not suitable and the excursion was cancelled. We were able to rebook on a 3.30pm flight (if the weather has improved). We were disappointed but luckily knew to expect this. We went for a walk around the town and visited a few shops. We didn’t really like how many cruise ship shops (ie. jewellery shops) there were. But there were quite a few nice shops around and we bought a few things.


We saw this cute puppy but he wouldn’t look at us.


The back of our ship where are cabin is located.



Even though the cloud was still low we decided to go up the Mount Roberts Tramway (as we could ride it again later if the weather improved). Half way went through the clouds and could see nothing below.


First stop was a coffee for Kevin and I yummy cupcake for both of us.

We then checked out the store and watched a great short film on the native people of Juneau. Then it was back down the tramway. We were lucky that once we came out the clouds we had a nice view of the ship.




Back on board I sat outside and read for a bit before we decided to go have some lunch at Windjammers. Today I had some soup, salad and a roll (love the rolls onboard).


Just before 3.30pm we got off the ship again in the hopes that our dog sled tour was going to run. Unfortunately it didn’t :-(.


So we went back onboard, got changed into our swimmers and went and had a spa in the Solarium (indoor pool area). That was nice and relaxing. We then had some afternoon tea of quesidillas (so yummy) and went to the thermal suites where we read for a bit on the hot stone beds. We had been going to use the sauna but it wasn’t very hot so we didn’t bother.


We went back our cabin and Kevin had a nap while I read (I’ve already gotten right into the latest Suzanne Brockman). We were thinking about getting ready for dinner when someone knocked on our door. Thinking it might be our laundry I opened the door (in my pjs since I hadn’t bothered getting dressed after our spa). I was so surprised to find Brenda – whom I’d befriended first on the cruise critic forum for our cruise and then through facebook. And she had a birthday present for me. How sweet was that? I was a bit flustered being in my jammies but promised I’ll call her later and organise a time to get-to-gether. Look what she bought me? These wonderful scrapbooking goodies.

So thoughtful. You just meet the best people on the internet. And I can’t wait to spend time with her and her husband.

We did in fact get dressed and head out for dinner.


We decided to go to the dining room again. But unfortunately there weren’t a lot of options for me tonight so I just had a bowl of Minestrone Soup and some Tiramusa (which I only ate half of). 35mins later we were out of there. We really do miss having company for dinner and a slower paced meal.


We went and sat in the same seats we’d sat this morning to kill some time before going to tonights show.


Kevin and I both ordered a  Mudslide and it didn’t have a lot of alcohol so I really enjoyed it.


The show was really good. Great singing & dancing, spectacular costumes, and great set. There much of a storyline but it didn’t really matter.

Then it was back to our room to type up this post and do a bit more reading. Another early start – 6am – and a long day ahead in Skagway.

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  1. Too bad about the sled ride, Libby. It was cool and rainy when we were in Juneau, too. But we took a bus to the Mendenhall Glacier and that was fantastic.

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