USA – Day 20 – Onwards to Canada

Our last cruise day and a day at sea. We had a VERY lazy day as you will see, starting with room service.


We had planned to eat on our balcony  but it was a bit wet :-(.


At 10am we went to the movie theatre to see You Again which we really enjoyed.


Then back our room for some more reading – I’m reading the latest Janet Evanovich – Smokin’ Seventeen. Later we headed out for a spa in the Solarium and then got some lunch from the Park Cafe – any guesses what I had? Yep, another veggie quesadilla. When then went the thermal suites for some more relaxing on the heat bed.


We’ve been disappointed here for the second time as the steam rooms haven’t been warm enough to bother using, except for the one that drips boiling hot water from the ceiling 🙁 – and that’s just rather painful. Back to the room again for more reading. I finished my book (that I only started yesterday) and started packing our suitcases. We then headed out for our last dinner. We decided to go back to Rita’s as we enjoyed our meal there and the atmosphere is very nice. We ordered the same as last time.


Kevin really wanted dessert but we were both full so we got them to go. And he really wanted to try both of them. Banana enchiladas (Kevin is a real sucker for any desert with banana) and churros. He said they were both great. I ate some of the ice cream :-).



So sad that it’s almost over.

Tomorrow : Seeing the sights in Vancouver.

3 thoughts on “USA – Day 20 – Onwards to Canada

  1. Sounds like a very relaxing day indeed. And I have almost caught up- I am up to Fearless Fourteen (nearly finished) I have 15 ready to go and I have to buy 16 and 17. Saw them both in Kmart. Love these books. Wonder if there is an 18 in the works. I am sad that your trip is almost over though. It seems to have gone so quick. Thankyou for the post card too – it came today.

  2. Libby, Ive finally been able to catch up with your trip, what a wonderful time you two are having. So glad you were able to blog often.

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