USA – Day 22 – Homeward Bound

Can’t believe it’s the end of our holiday and time to start heading home. We had a relaxed morning in our VERY comfy bed. It was miserable and wet out so we weren’t going to go to the suspension bridges as we’d planned.


Finally hunger drove us to get ready and head out for breakfast. We went to Tim Horton’s again.


I had tea and a yummy cheddar cheese bagel and we got some more Timbits for later (probably lucky we don’t have Tim’s at home as we really like these).


We spent the rest of the morning with me watching some youtube videos and Kevin watching TV & having a nap. Then just before 1pm we gathered our suitcases, checked out and got a cab to Vancouver Airport.


We got checked in, then surprisingly went through USA customs and immigration (which will certainly save time when we get to LAX). We checked out some shops and got some lunch. I had a yummy veggie burger (I think only the second one I’ve had all trip – the first being the day we arrived).


We then had a about a wait of an hour till it was time to board our plane.




I used the 2.5 hour flight to catch up all my blog reading. We also enjoyed a yummy cheese platter.


We saw Mount Rainier poking out of the clouds (and I waved hello to my online friend Ingunn, who lives nearby)


And some other pretty impressive mountains.


And finally  flew over LA


arriving at LAX.


We collected our luggage and walked over to the United terminal. A bit of fun and games here trying to find where we were supposed to check our luggage.


Finally we found the priority area (totally different terminal to one we first went to!!!!) Here we had a first and only real problem with United (besides the whole no screen in the seat in front) where they complained about luggage being too heavy. Yes, the very same luggage that the small West Jet airline had no problem with! We had to reorganise our bags – made easy by the fact I just whipped out the onboard bag that was in fact packed in one of suitcase and we just took that on board with us. So glad there was no one around.


Then through security – which is ALWAYS a hassle no matter how organised you feel. Travelling through airports in the USA is not much fun – I don’t how frequent travellers cope with it all. We did a last bit of shopping and got some dinner. Yep, Mexican again :-).


2 (huge) delicious veggie tacos.


We then hung out in United Red Carpet Club for an hour or so where I actually wrote up this whole post, only to have problems when I hit publish – and lost the bulk of it. So not happy :-(.


Kevin and I didn’t sit together on the way home. He wanted a window and I wanted an isle.  After being stuck in the middle for the 5 hour flight from LA to Anchorage I decided to move my seat. I missed being able to chat with him but being able to go the toilet whenever I wanted was much more important :-). I managed to sleep for around 6 hours on the flight and them watched a few episodes of Glee. The flight seemed to go quite quick and then we were touching down in Sydney. Kevin had some beef jerky to declare so the sniffer dogs checked out bags. The staff were really glad we had it as the pups were just on their l-plates. It was funny though because they didn’t find until they stabbed open the bags – and even I could smell it then :-). So fun to watch them working though and the staff kept thanking us. I was glad to leave the jerky behind as I can’t stand the smell of it – and I hope they let the dogs eat it later.

We had a driver pick us up (due to the early arrival time) and were lucky enough to see Christy before she left for school.

After a shower Kevin headed into work – hoping to come back and spend some time with the girls after school. I showered and started with the unpacking. Also took the dogs on a walk, did some washing and got some groceries. Kevin, who had only about 1 hrs sleep on the plane last till about 6.30pm, I lasted till 8pm.

5 thoughts on “USA – Day 22 – Homeward Bound

  1. *waving back* What an amazing vacation you’ve had!!

    1) I love Timbits
    2) I love Baja Fresh
    3) I LOVE Mount Rainier – I still can’t believe JK stood on top of it last year!

  2. Glad you got home safe. Loved reading all about your travels again. Hope the jet lag doesn’t hit and you can get back into the home vibe without too many holiday withdrawals.

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