A Day in my Life – 1st July, 2011

Woke up at 5am and started thinking about things. Realized I wasn’t going back to sleep so got up and went downstairs. I let the dogs outs…


and myself a cup of tea….


Then watched some vlogs on youtube while the dogs went back to sleep for bit.


Eventually Kevin came downstairs all ready for work.


As did Amy, who wanted to show me one of her school projects.


When they left, I went around and opened up all the blinds.


Christy was already up and dressed so I went and had my shower and got ready for the day.


I then made some breakfast for Christy and myself – a tea to take in the car, and a bagel (I ate half now and half later for morning tea).


Then it was time to drop Christy and Shantel at school


and head to my appointment at the Skin Clinic to get a mole checked.


This mole has now been frozen 3 times and the Doc was concerned that it has grown some blood vessels so he wanted to do a biopsy. He did it then and there and I get the results next week.


I then headed over to the mall to get some groceries and bread.


All packed in the car.


I then drove to the school to pick up some cheques that had to be signed by the principal. Then went to pick up some school hats. Back to the school to drop them off and then home.


Love this row of trees – we don’t have a lot of seasonal trees around here.


I put away the groceries and then took the dogs for a walk.


LOVE that my feet are good enough to walk them again. This is my 5th day in a row and boy have I missed it.


I had some Leek & Potato soup for lunch while playing on the computer.


I had made the soup yesterday and packed some up to put in the freezer.


I arranged the flowers I had bought into vases.


And headed into the scrapbook room to make some thankyou cards to send to my Aunties.


I then receive a phone call to say that the car place needed to swap the loan car I am driving (while I wait for my new car to arrive). They took away a really nice car – one I loved driving – and left me this. I’m sure it’s not a bad car but it’s not what I’m used to – no cup holders, no cruise control, no place to rest my arm and no digital speed reading, oh, and the boot is TINY!!!!! And it was a shock after the lovely car I had been driving.


At 3pm I left to pick up Amy & Emerson, and then Christy.


We dropped Emerson off and headed to the hairdressers where both the girls had an appointment.


We didn’t get home until after 5pm, just as the sun was setting.


I made a cup of tea and rang Kevin to find out where he was so he could pick up pizza for dinner on the way home. He was on his way so I quickly placed the order online and he went straight to pick it up.


How cute are the new Domino’s boxes?


My favouirte – thin & crispy, BBQ sauce, cheese, double pineapple, tomato & onion. Yum.


We took our pizza into the loungeroom..


and ate while we watched Tron. It was a bit slow in places but I enjoyed it and the special effects were pretty cool.


Christy and Rosie had cuddles on the couch.


And Bailey warmed up in front of the heater.


When the movie finished around 8.30pm I cleaned up the kitchen and put the dishwasher on and we all headed up to bed. Kevin & I have been getting up really early – around 4.30 -5.30am so we’ve been going to sleep pretty early as well. I managed to read just a few pages before turning out the lights.

3 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 1st July, 2011

  1. Wow, I’ve missed your blog Libby and blogging. I love reading about your days, feels like I’m part of it. Your coffee table looked so lovely with the flowers and candle and table runner x

  2. OMG that pizza looks amazing! I’m going to try that next time! I usually go just ham and pineapple, but the bbq and tomatoes…yum!

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