Recipe – Pikelets

Since it’s school holidays I thought I’d share a nice easy recipe that you can whip up yourself or get the kids to make/help with.



1 cup self-raising flour

pinch bi carb soda

1/4 cup castor sugar

1 egg, lightly beaten

3/4 cup milk

jam and cream to serve


Sift flour and soda into bowl.

Mix in castor sugar and make a well in the center.

Gradually stir in egg and enough milk to give a smooth, creamy pouring consistency.

OR you can do as I do and dump everything into a bowl and whisk :-).

Drop tablespoons of batter onto a heated, greased frying pan, allowing room for spreading. Cook until bubbles begin to appear, then turn, cook for 1min.

Soooooo easy, and so yummy. Best eaten fresh.


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