The week that was

It was a bit of a strange, quiet week, with not much accomplished. As you will see I didn’t even take many photos.

The week began with Kevin heading off to hospital (in Sydney) to have a hernia repaired. He sent me this photo while he was waiting.

The patient

I went to see him on Tuesday and couldn’t get over how good he was doing.


Amy had a friend to sleep over. They made a big paint mess and even went in the pool – crazy kids!!!

Kids painting mess

Mum was looking after a friends dog and we ended up puppy sitting for a few hours when they were out. My pups love Cara so they had lots of fun.

Friends visiting

On Wed morning I got this text from Kevin.


Unfortunately I couldn’t go to pick up him up right away as I had an appointment about my hands & feet. Biggest bummer – it’s still an unspecific something-or-other that can only be treated on a pain basis. As the doc said it really is good news in way because there is no inflamation or joint damage.  Still, I would like an answer to my aches and pains.

Besides visiting Kevin in hospital and picking him up I only really went out to get groceries. On one trip Christy came with me and ended up getting her ears pierced (again).

Ears pierced (again)

I did also visit the Skin Clinic for the biopsy results. Unfortunately the mole is cancerous so will have to be removed. The doc wasn’t concerned at all and it sounds like it’s a very straight forward procedure.

On Saturday morning we cleared out the lounge room…

Empty loungeroom

ready for our new lounge to be delivered. This was the first piece to come in.

First part of new lounge

And altogether (photo taken on my phone)

New lounge

We really love it. It’s so comfy and there is plenty of room for us all.

Getting settled on the new lounge

The chaise lounge seems to be favoured by the pups.

Rosie & Kevin cuddle on the lounge Bailey loves the new lounge

The Powells arrived just as the lounge was being put together as they were taking ownership of our old one. They stayed for the day and Leanne & I took the girls (except Amy) roller skating. Unfortunately both Amy & I have been feeling under the weather with a cold/sinus problem. So with Kevin recovering from surgery, Amy & I not well, and a new lounge to enjoy, Sunday naturally became a jammie day.

Lazy Sunday

You can now understand why no blogging occurred this week :-).


6 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Sounds like a lot has happened at your place! Love the lounge suite, you are very brave letting the dogs on it! What happened to Christy’s ears before? They look very pretty. Hope your surgery goes okay, and the rest of your family get well soon xx

  2. Hope you all feel better soon, Libby. Your new couch looks very nice, love the colour.

  3. hope the mole thing is no biggie! glad Kevin’s surgery went well 🙂 How come Christy needed her ears pierced again? I am on a mission to have Beth do it this summer- but she’s against me!

  4. Oh Libby, you have had an eventful week. Glad Kevins surgery went well, Im sorry to hear about your mole. Love your lounge it’s gorgeous and looks so comfy. Hope everyone is feeling better.

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