A Day in my Life – 15th July, 2011

Woke up around 6am, feeling slightly better than yesterday, but still not that great. I’ve got a bad flu/cold – have had it for a week. Luckily I manage to get a reasonable nights sleep. Downstairs for the normal routine – dogs out, tea made, computer time.


I don’t think I’ve been drinking enough water lately and read that you should have 80 oz. I found this great cup Kevin had been given at a conference and it’s 20 oz. So four of these a day….


I didn’t feel like proper food so made a chocolate protein shake for breakfast.


I helped Chrsity set up the TV so she could play on the PS3.


Not to0 many photos of the girls as they spent most of the day playing on their computers or watching TV. Amy is also unwell but Christy is okay.


After breakfast, and more time online, I had my shower and got dressed, then got on with my morning jobs of emptying the dishwasher and feeding the animals. I went out to check on the chooks and collect some eggs.


They have started laying well again and we’re back to getting 2-3 a day (not bad for 3 yr old chickens in the middle of Winter)


I then decided to clean the guinea pig cage as it was way overdue. Here’s Jasmine – our only remaining piggy at over 6 yrs old – who needs her nails trimmed.

IMG_3986.JPG IMG_3988.JPG

I was feeling quite a bit better so made a snack to have while writing out my grocery list.


Then left the girls at home and headed to the supermarket.


Unfortunately by the time I got back I was feeling horrible again. Still I managed to get the groceries put away and hang out the washing.


I also picked up the back yard so the dogs have a clean area. It’s amazing how quickly the house falls apart when you’re out of action for a week.


I was glad to sit down again and have some lunch (and cup number 2 of water).


After lunch I did the last thing I needed to get done today – I vacuumed the floor


Just a bit better don’t you think.? 🙂


Even though it was only 3.30pm I decided to go have a bath. Christy had gone to the park to play with a new friend she made yesterday and Amy was watching TV. The hardest part of a bath is choosing which Lush bath product to use. Today I went with the comfort bubble bar.



I took in cup number 3, a towel to dry my hands and a book to read (by one of my favourite YouTubers). Bailey is always close by as he loves to drink bath water. Lucky the lush products are made from natural ones.


After my bath I got into my PJS (it’s okay to that at 4pm when you’re feeling yuck 🙂 ) and painted my toe nails.


The remainder of the afternoon was spent on the couch, painting my finger nails, using copious amounts of tissues and feeling sorry for myself. Kevin came home around 6pm, with the start of a cold. I made us an easy dinner of Quorn Dippers, sweet potato and corn. Which we ate while watching the first Harry Potter movie (we’re going to watch them all in the lead up to seeing the latest, and last, in Gold Class in a few weeks.


Oh, doesn’t Harry look so young and so cute?


We all started to crash around 8.30 so stopped the movie (to finish tomorrow) and tidied up downstairs before heading up to bed. I managed to finish the book I’m reading before heading off to snoozy land.

3 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 15th July, 2011

  1. That’s such a pretty photo of you 🙂
    I’m feeling a bit yuck too – snotty and earachey. Just going to stay inside today and try to join my hexagon blanket a bit more. I’ve ordered the first DVD of Sabrina the Teenage Witch to keep me company – I’ve wanted it for YEARS and kept making giant hints to everyone around birthdays/christmas but nobody took the hints (need to work on my hinting skills) so I finally just forked out for it myself. I’m ridiculously excited by it. Like, mega.
    We went to see HP last night, it was AWESOME. Take some tissues with you though, I bawled like a baby. When you’ve seen it, I’ll tell you when I cried! Oh and I WISH there was Gold Class at our cinema! Ours is a teeny tiny 1930’s cinema with one screen and I love it dearly. Usually there are only about 10 people in the theatre but last night it was packed with kids. We were sat next to some pre-teen girls who were out on their own and packed full of popcorn and sugar and they were soooooo wriggly and noisy. Gold Class would be ace!

  2. hey libby, i’m still lurking around your blog site!!! your hols sounded and looked awesome even though i didnt comment – sorry. hope you get better soon – its a drag to be sick in school hols. take care !

  3. Sorry to hear that your not well. My girls have been feeling a bit off this last week, Lucy’s been coughing non stop for a couple of days and me who is never sick, has a sore throat and has started coughing. Im so annoyed Tony is going away next week and I had planned to have a scrapping retreat for the time he was gone with just me and maybe another friend lol. I have been making up packs so come Thursday I can start. I had better be well. Hope you recover soon.

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