The Week that was

This week saw lots and lots and lots of rain….


I still wasn’t feeling 100% so didn’t mind being stuck inside too much. Luckily by mid week I was feeling better and better each day.


All the rain meant some big puddles for the dogs to play when the rain finally stopped on the weekend…



There was a gift from a friend…


There was a big grocery shop and the problem of fitting it all in the car boot (still waiting on my new car)….


There was a new lolly jar and all the lollies consumed….

Allen's makes me smile

There was Rosie fixated with dead leaves falling from the tree….


There were coconut date balls made with Christy’s help…



There was the fabulously awesome night out to see Enrique Iglesias


And on Sunday there was a wonderful back massage at Christy’s Beauty Salon. Best $1 I spent all week. I made another appointment for Wednesday :-).

2 thoughts on “The Week that was

  1. A great week Libby! Love the rain picture (#2) and I love the sound of the beauty salon. I’ve got a sore back at present, might get my girls to open a beauty salon too. 🙂

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