A Day in my Life – 31st July, 2011


I’m back on early mornings again at the moment – waking between 5 and 5.30am. If I can’t go back to sleep or have already had close to 8 hours I get up and do the usual routine of putting the heater on, letting the dogs out and making a cup of tea. When Bailey comes back in he always heads straight to the heater.


And I get settled with my cup of tea and laptop. This morning I caught up on some youtube videos.


About 6.45 I headed upstairs. I’m liking the fact that the days are getting longer and we’re getting nice sunrises again. Within the next months I’ll move my dog walks/rides back to early morning – which I always love – but it’s still too cold now :-).


I have my shower (Kevin has to help me wash my hair as I can’t get my back wet – where the mole was removed), get dressed and do my makeup.


Christy comes in already dressed and has a chat with Kevin, who has climbed back into bed to warm up.


I put on a small load of washing – the girls white shirts I didn’t get too yesterday.


We’re going to be out all day so I want to take the dogs on a run before we leave. I get the tricycle and Christy & I head out with the dogs.


So beautiful down by the lake this morning.



Since Christy was with me I took the opportunity to get some photos on the bike. I certainly look a sight!!!! But the dogs can’t pull me off this beast – yay!



Love the long shadows you get early in the morning.


Back home I got breakfast organised for everyone and unpacked the dishwasher. Kevin hung out the washing for me, Christy helped with the animals and I got stuff organised for the car.


Just after 8.30am we were out the door and on our way, with a quick stop for petrol.


I ate breakfast – a spinach wrap with cheese & pasta salad – on the way.


We arrived at Macather Square in plenty of time.


Our movie – Harry Potter – wasn’t on until 10.30am but we were meeting the Powell’s – who were taking Christy to see Kung Fu Panda 2 at 10am.


We took some photos while we waited….



Once they arrived and headed off to their movie we went in search of a pet shop. We had to wait till it opened…


Amy got a new pump for her fish tank and I took a photo of this cute picture….


On the way out we found these inquisitive kittens – who seemed to love my camera.


Then it was time for Amy’s first Gold Class movie – using a gift vouchure she had recieved for her birthday.



We order an early lunch and headed into the theatre.


We had ordered lunch for 11.30am but it ended up coming in around 10.45am!!! Amy and I shared the vegetarian nachos. We loved the movie and it seems sad that it’s all over. Afterwards to headed to the Powell’s, where we hung out for the rest of the afternoon.


Leanne supplied a yummy afternoon feast, which also included some spring rolls and cheese triangles.



Sarah & Amy went for a walk to the shops, I tried to photograph Lilly….


and Christy and Alyssa spent hours playing “house” outside…



Just before 5pm we headed home, just as the sun was starting the set….


Christy had a little nap…


Luckily we got home before it was fully dark as there were two very excited pups outside….


We had a  play before i got into my PJs, brought in the washing, and the budgies, and made a quick dinner of quorn enchiladas. Christy made herself some nachos.


We then settled down to watch the movie “Balto”, which Christy and I have been reading.


After the movie (which was rather cute) Christy went to have a bath before I read her the last few chapters of Balto.


We then watched another show (which I can’t remember) before Kevin headed to bed. I then watched another Dog Whisperer before heading to bed (along with Amy) around 9pm, tired after my early start this morning. I managed to read just a few pages before turning the lights out.

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  1. Really enjoyed sharing your day with you. The lake does look lovely and after seeing so many beautiful places reminds us how lucky we are to have that right on our doorstep. Glad Amy enjoyed her first Gold Class Movie! We’llget there one day.loved that Goldie picture!

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