The week that was

Finally feeling 100%. But on Friday I had the cancerous mole on my back removed and was told to take it easy and not lift anything :-(.

Cancerous mole removed

This week was Christy’s school athletics carnival… her class missed learning how to do high jump….. 🙂

Not quite the way to do high jump

she did a bit better at shot put….


And I had a lovely time enjoying the sunshine – I actually got a bit too hot!!!

Enjoying some sunshine at Christy's athletics carnival

The same night Amy was in the Year 7 Raw Rock Estedford – she did fabulous. No photos yet :-(.

Rock Eisteddford poster

Me and my girl

This week I finally finished and ordered the photobooks from our trip…

Photobooks ordered

I took the dogs on one walk, and quite a few ride/runs….

Taking my pups for a run

This week I had to leave the dogs home alone way more than I like too….luckily it was sunny so I could leave them outside…

Pups excited that I'm home

This week the pups and I hung out on the lawn while watching Jasmine eat grass and weeds…. and that dot on my nose is NOT a piercing….

Me & Rosie

Jasmine in the garden

She had a wonderful time….

Piggy in the garden

and I realized I really do need to weed the veggie garden….

Time to do some weeding before Spring

This week I put all the DVDs waiting to be watched into a box so they don’t fall everywhere….

DVDs to be watched

and I found BOTH dogs in front of the heater, not just Bailey….

Keeping warm by the heater

This week there were antibiotics taken after the mole was removed…


And there was a Gold Class viewing of Harry Potter – last one EVER, so sad….


And, as always, there were lots of cute puppy photos…. Bailey…


and Rosie 2-toy, as we call her.

Rosie is a 2-toy kinda girl

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  1. That photo of Christy doing the High Jump is a classic! Will be fun to look back on in years to come. 🙂 Personally, I think sports days can be a bit too competitive rather than a spirit of fun and participation. To me, that picture sums up what sports days are all about! 🙂

    Hope you get the all clear with that mole now they’ve removed it!

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