The Week that Was

It was the week I finally found some flowers cheap enough to buy for the house….


The week was unseasonally warm …. and stayed warm over the weekend…


which meant I could take the dogs on early morning sunrise walks…oh, how I’ve missed these…


The week also included a few runs for the dogs….


It was the week I decided to take action and rejoin Weight Watchers…. so far, so good…


I took Amy to get her hand x-rayed (she hurt it herself dancing last week). There was a small fracture so she had to get a splint made for her thumb from the Hand Therapist (didn’t know we had those!)…


There were Rosella’s spotted at the school…


and the hunt for a new coffee table began…no luck yet…


It was the week I made friends with the gorgeous little calf at our local pet store….


they also had some little lambs but this guy just stole my heart…


It was the week I had do help Amy write out her music homework…while we enjoyed Muffin Tin Monday…


And it was Education Week at school… so on Thursday I got to watch Christy sing in the choir (she’s second from the right)…


watch her do some math work….


and help her make a kite…which didn’t really fly very well as there was NO wind :-(.


It was the week Kevin and I visited two different Bunnings to buy some mirrors, and other assorted goodies…


so I could finish off the spare room which I had started to prepare for our Japanese Exchange Student who arrives on Thursday…


And it was the very rare week where there weren’t many photos taken of cute pups… but I did sneak this one on Sunday afternoon….


while Kevin & I watched Klondike – A Quest for Gold. We had seen this series many years ago and it was the main reason we chose to do the Whitepass Rail trip in Skagway. It was great seeing places like Bennet, where we had stopped for lunch. It took the stampeders 2 months to get to Bennett and we got there before lunch!!!! Crazy!