Organsing the Spare Room

It’s great having a spare room but the downside is it’s like a magnet for hard-to-home items. I mean it was only 3 months ago that this room was last tackled. But with our Japanese exchange student arriving it was time to get the room ship shape. It actually only took me an hour to turn the room from this…


to this…


And this…


to this…just don’t ask me to open the cupboard doors :-).


Looking a whole lot better and with some shelves for our guest to make herself at home…


We added a camping bed for her to sleep on…


a mirror (which I’ve been wanting to put here since this became my exercise room)…


and a few little treats for her to enjoy…


Hoping she’ll feel most welcome and at home, and hoping the view stays like this….


And I love that the spare room has another use (on top of sewing, exercise & storage) as a guest room.

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  1. Linda says:

    Wow what a difference, it will come in handy at other times as well.A good idea as it will give Kasumi a bit of privacy as well.It’s always been a lovely bright room and now more useful.

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