From Japan

Today we finally got to meet Kasumi, our Japanese exchange student.


She will be part of our family for the next 5 days. She has been learning English for 4 years and although there have been some difficulties we seem to be managing to communicate just fine. We haven’t had to resort things down. It must be so hard to come and live with people you don’t know with a very different lifesytle/culture.

After dinner on her first night she gave us LOTS of gifts from Japan. She bought both the girls these kimonos (though she had another name for them) and did great with the sizing (though both shoes are a little small)



And this is what I got. We couldn’t believe how much she bought for ALL of us. We certainly were not expecting this but it was so thoughtful.


2 thoughts on “From Japan

  1. Kasumi looks like a nice girl and how generous with her gifts . The girls look great in their outfits. Maybe you could make a mini scrap book for her, if you have the time, though it seems you have been having very busy weeks.

  2. Wow, you guys got lots of stuff. We have had 3 Japanese kids stay with us & we loved them all. They are so much fun, they always give gifts when they arrive & much to my horror we didn’t have anything to give them back. We always give them something when they go, one of the boys that stayed with us sobbed when he had to go, it was really sad & he was only with us for a week…Have fun with her & hope the English goes well, ours didn’t speak it that well so it was fun trying to find out what they liked & didn’t like…Also our boys didn’t like going to bed, they wanted to stay up till late, maybe they do it at home but our kids are in bed by 9.30, that was to early for them.

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