Sunday Delights

We had a very slow start on Sunday – letting Kasumi catch up on some sleep. Plus I was in a lot of sinus pain. We had a visit from Sean, the girls did more origami and made Anzac biscuits.


We headed out to have lunch at a nearby cafe that continually opens and closes as new owners try to make a go of it.


Loved seeing the signets.


It’s in a lovely spot, right on the lake in a local housing estate, but it’s a fairly quiet location.


The latest owners offer a high tea which we decided to share, along with some mini pancakes.



Everything was yummy. Unfortunately the service was a little poor but I think we just arrived at the wrong time. We will definitely come back. After filling our tummies we went into Wollongong Mall so Kasumi could buy some souveniers. On the way home I decided to visit the medical center. I thought it might be quiet but couldn’t believe I waited under 5 mins. One look at my throat and the doc says “the cavalry is on the way” :-). I picked up my anti-biotics and met up with everyone else who had gone to the supermarket. Back home Kevin cooked us a BBQ and Kasumi got to sample some kangaroo – she ate it but I don’t think she was too keen on it.

Despite my sinus pain it really was a lovely day. A lovely weekend in fact.

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