A Day in my life – 15th August, 2011

I’ve been waking around 5am with sinus pain and unable to go back to sleep. Today was no exception. But at least I’m getting a good nights sleep. I let the dogs out and made a cup of tea.


Christy came down around 6am. Amy & Kasumi were up and getting ready.


I was feeling hungry so had part 1 of breakfast.


I helped Amy organise lunches before they left just after 7am.


I then made Christy some toast and went to have my shower and get dressed as the pool cleaner is coming around 8am. I then emptied the dishwasher and did some washing up.


Christy headed off at 8.15am. I hung out our bedding and tidied downstairs. I got a phone call to say the pool man wouldn’t be here until 10am. I was a bit annoyed as I would have taken the dogs on a walk even though I’m not feeling good.


Because I wasn’t well and had done a good clean on Thursday before Kasumi arrived I didn’t do my normal weekly home blessing. Instead I got the ironing all up to date and worked on about 4 loads of washing.


After I ironed the tablecloth I put it on the table.


The pool man eventually turned up and got to work – looking better already without all the leaves.


I then cleaned out the fridge and chopped up some veggies ready to grab and eat, or grab and cook with.


Doesn’t this look so colourful?


I also tackled the crisper.


Then made a nice salad with egg and pasta salad for lunch, which I enjoyed while catching up on youtube videos.


After lunch I worked on printing out photos for Project Life and catching up on journalling – only about a month behind now :-).


At 3pm I headed to the bus stop to pick up the girls and had a chat with Kay (who had left me a message saying she’d do the pick up but I didn’t read it!). The girls got changed and hung out with Kasumi. I gave the dogs their flea and heartworm treatment. Rosie hates the flea stuff and always runs away – I think it must tickle her back or she dislikes the smell.


We then had a HUGE performance over getting Christy’s earrings out (the first ones they have are always so stiff) and putting some new ones. There was crying (from Christy) and yelling (by me). Not that you’d know it from this happy face.


I put the clean sheets on our bed, gave the dogs their dinner and we headed back to Amy’s school (where we met Kevin) for the Sayonara Party for the Japanese exchange students. We were a bit lost when we arrived – not knowing anyone to talk to. The girls all went off to hang with their friends – Christy made a new best friend. But once we sat down for dinner we ended up having a good conversation with others about our experiences over the last 5 days.


Dinner was pizza – I only had one slice as it was a thick base and rather greasy. The exchange students then sang We are the World and their school anthem. Kasumi is the one in the white jumper.  There were some speeches and crying, and they were given a bag of things from the school.


I had to leave early to attend Christy’s school P&C meeting. And boy what a meeting it was tonight. So not fun.  We’ve been planning a new school uniform since last year but, of course, on voting night, we had some people come along not happy with the fact the school colours are changing. To my way of thinking life is about change. The vast majority of people love the new look uniform and I think the kids will look so much better. No white shirts to try and keep looking white!!! Yay. I came home so stressed. Even though I didn’t get into the whole arguement/debate I guess I take it a bit personally since I run the uniform shop and have been involved in the whole process. Glad it’s all over.  Back home I said goodnight to Amy and Kasumi – who had stayed up until I got back – and made a cup of tea. I was needing a little something so had an anzac cookie as well :-).


I took them up to bed, proceeded to complain and whinge to Kevin about all the goings-on at the meeting. I then read for quite a while to calm me down and get my mind of the meeting and the fact at Kasumi leaves tomorrow – asI’m sad about that as well :-(.

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  1. Libby – I’m with you on white shirts. Our school has them too, and I am looking forward to the end of this year, and the end of white!
    Like the term “weekly home blessing”. I’ll keep that in mind, as I’m just about to do the same.

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