Spring Cleaning the Lounge/Dining Room

With Spring just around the corner, and me finally being in good health, I’ve been itching to give the house a thorough clean. It’s been a long time since it’s been done due to this years injuries & illness so the house is in desperate need of a thorough clean. I often get stuck on where to start so decided to tackle it as I do each week when I do the weekly cleaning.

So first up is the dining and lounge room. It was probably a good room to start it as it was relatively tidy and organised.


I cleared away both sides of the buffet units – which had become a bit of a dumping ground when we got the new lounges.



I then spent a good few hours cleaning and reorganising the buffet unit…as you can see it has been a while…



I cleaned the window sills, removed cobwebs, wiped down the walls and skirting boards.


All that remains is sorting through the jigsaw puzzles….the ones we’re keeping are going to be re-homed in the cupboard under our stairs.


I then moved on to the lounge room.


We still have to order new coffee tables, though we may keep this one, so I tidied and cleaned…


and repacked the blankets…


Looking tidier….




Except this corner (which is awaiting a new coffee table). Amy’s computer has been dumped here and a dogs toy landed. Plus a stack of old magazines for me to sort through.


The plan is t0 drop down the speaker shelf (behind our new TV) and get another shelf to go the whole width of the alcove space.


Still to do – the fun job of sorting out this cupboard, and trying to get Kevin to part with “some” of his DVDs.


Next week I tackle the kitchen…

2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning the Lounge/Dining Room

  1. good idea – tackling it one room and seeing it through to completion. I often stop and start and rarely see my efforts. You’re a born organiser, Libby!

  2. isn’t cleaning just a love/hate thing. I HATE it….and LOVE it when it’s done. I am going after Matt’s drawers today (dumped all the clothes on the floor, so I can’t get out of it) and Beth’s desk this week! Wish me luck!

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