A Day in my Life – 31st August, 2011

Woke at 6am, got up and dressed and let the dogs out. So nice being so light in the mornings again.


Then it was time for …..



We reached the lake just as the sun was coming up over the horizon. See the little speck.




Back home I had a big drink of water and checked out pininterest.


I said goodbye to Kevin & Amy, who headed off in the little loan car.


went to wake up Christy….


and had my shower and got ready for the day.
I then made breakfast for Christy and got mine out of the fridge.


Now I know it doesn’t look very nice but I promise these overnight oats are delicious (and I’m not a cereal lover).


Then it was to gather my bags…


get in my car…


and drive to school to run the uniform shop. We’re selling off the current stock so it was pretty busy and I didn’t end up leaving until after 10am


I then went to the local mall where I visited two banks, two supermarkets, the fruit shop, the bakery and the travel agents (to get a brochure on Fiji). Then loaded up the car (totally forgot to take any photos while out shopping)….


and headed back home…


I parked the car and went next door to get the dogs who were at Nan & Pops.


I was starving by now so grabbed a piece of fresh bread to tide me over until I got lunch made.


I got the groceries unpacked and hung out the washing…


I made myself a yummy salad for lunch using a pureed mango for my dressing.


After lunch I went over to chat with Mum & Dad about our possible Christmas trip to Fiji. I was there for 3 hours……. Dad went and picked up Amy from the bus stop and collected Christy on the way back. Finally (at 5.30pm) I came back home and cut my flowers for the vases.


Christy decided to make a volcano (as that’s what she’s doing at school)


Then it was dinner time for the pups…


and for us…. spuds with mexe-beans and cheese.


After dinner I got the kitchen cleaned up, took my make-up off and got into my PJs. I then watched some TV with the girls (Kevin was playing on his laptop). By 8.30pm I was very tired (after having a bad nights sleep last night) so put Christy to bed and read to her, then headed off to bed for my own reading time.

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  1. Fiji is wonderful. We were there in July and also in 2005. Stayed at 2 very different places, very upmarket in 05 and other end of the scale this year. Both wonderful. It will be WARM in Dec.. hope you don’t mind warm.

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