Spring Clean my desk

On Tuesday I tackled my desk. Since it took 4-5 hours to complete I think it’s safe to say it was definitely a job needing done.


I started at the top and worked my way down. As you can see I removed the top shelf so I could stand things up.


I got rid of some mags I had been keeping, tidied and rearranged. Looks SOOO much better don’t you think?


The desk had become a real dumping ground.


I moved all my bills, etc into the trays in the cupboard and tried to make this a special “ME” place.


Then came the drawers. I cleared out the junk and made a tidy, practical drawer.

IMG_4823.jpg IMG_4831.jpg

All my paid bills/accounts have moved to the spare room upstairs (but still need to be sorted)

IMG_4824.jpg IMG_4832.jpg

and the bottom drawer is now EMPTY!!!

IMG_4825.jpg IMG_4833.jpg

With the cupboards opened…


I’m so happy with how it turned out. Yes it took me All day to do but it’s going to be nice to use this desk again, as I’d pretty much taken to using my laptop ALL the time. And with the desk clear I should be able to use the desk for menu planning, school uniform stuff and anything else I feel like. It’s certainly my new happy place :-).



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