The week that was

It was a very strange week with lots of appointments for Amy. There were show bag for the kids (and Kevin)…

Show bags from school fun day

and the toys that come with them…

You've lost your eyes

It was the week of the school fun day – which unfortunately I could only attend for 5mins instead of the planned whole day….

At the fun day

It was the week we planted the vegetable garden, and Christy found a new (warm) bed….

An improvised heated bed for Christy

It was the week my baby turned 10….


It was the week Christy played with my carmera at the hairdressers…. which led me to start playing with instragram….

At the hairdressers Self portrait

It was the week I made cupcakes for Christy to take to school…


and enjoyed flowers and candles around the house….

Candles & flowers

It was week of lots of yummy eats…including healthy nachos…..

Healthy nachos

a vegetarian lasagne….

Vegetable Lasange

Carrot and sesame burgers…..


takeaway pizza….with a lego game….on Christy’s birthday….


and a delicious potato and soup when out for lunch with Amy….

Lunch out on a cold Spring day

It the week Bailey went forĀ  a ride to the plant nursery…

Bailey going for ride

and lined up all four of his paws in a row….

Puppy feet

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