Weight Watchers Update


I’ve now been going to Weight Watchers for 6 weeks. Are you surprised? I’m guessing a lot of you thought it hadn’t worked out since I haven’t mentioned it in my “The week that was” posts – the reason being I get weighed on Tuesday and usually forget about it by the next Monday.

But I’m still doing really well. I’ve now lost 5.8kg (13lbs)  in 6 weeks and today I reached my 5% goal. Best of all I’m the lowest weight I’ve been all year, I feel great, have more energy and am having lots of yummy, healthy foods. I think my biggest change is mental – my whole approach to food and eating seems to have totally changed. If I got through last week without turning to chocolate I’m sure I can handle anything thrown my way :-).

9 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Update

  1. Congrats! You can do it… I have been stuffing around all year and need to get serious about losing weight. I refuse to buy fat clothes for summer and I desperately need clothes. have worn most of mine out.

  2. Well done Libby! That’s great going. Do you do it online? I need to look into something. I would love your tips!

  3. That’s great news Libby – congratulations. What an achievement, especially with what you’ve been through over the last little while!

  4. congratulations on your weight loss. I am wearing the same shirt as you today, but mine is red! I hope you have received some good news on your daughter – what a worrying time for you all.

  5. Aww wow Libby that’s great!! Weight Watchers is a wonderful program. Great job mate! Really proud of you! 🙂 xx

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