A Day in my Life – 14th September, 2011

Today started about 5.45am with the usual routine of dogs out, tea made and playtime on my laptop. I also made up a batch of banana muffins.. which promptly began to disappear…


After Kevin & Amy left I went upstairs to shower and get dressed and make all the beds. Then it was time to make Christy some toast for breakfast…



while I enjoyed a half a bagel with hummus, cheese & tomato.


I emptied the dishwasher, fed the birds and put them outside….


watered my sprouts…


which should be ready in a day or two….


and packed my bag….


Mum came over at 8.15am and we headed up to school for the uniform shop….


Today we had to participate in an emergency fire drill…


After uniform shop (where we fitted quite a few cute little (next year) kindy kids, we went to watch Christy’s “dance to be fit” demonstation. Wish we’d got to do fun dancing like this when I was at school.


I dropped Mum back at home, got changed and collected the dogs….


who I took to the dog wash. Now I have two very soft, yummy smelling dogs :-).

IMG_5029.JPG IMG_5030.JPG IMG_5031.JPG IMG_5032.JPG

Back home I spent some time entering all the new uniform orders.


Then, since it was such a beautiful warm day, I decided to lunch out by the pool.



I only sat out for 15mins but it was very nice. I then pottered around doing a few things. And was pleased when a box from Amazon arrived…


with a few books I had ordered….


Just before 3pm I got a phone call from Amy to say she’d missed the bus home. Since Christy was expecting me to pick up at 3.15pm I told Amy she’d have to wait till 3.30pm. I collected Christy, who proceeded to eat the lunch she hadn’t eaten at school…


then we drove into Wollongong..


where we picked up Amy…


before heading the local mall for some shopping. The girls wanted to pick prizes for Christy’s party this Saturday and lollies for lolly bags.


I also had to go to the bank, post office, chemist, supermarket and fruit shop. Amy & I enjoyed some afternoon tea from Gloria Jeans…


and Christy made a friend in JayJays while Amy tried on some clothes…


Finally, at 5.30pm it was time to head home…


Christy went outside for a bit of a play then they got to work on the lolly bags….


I unpacked the groceries and pulled something out of the freezer for dinner….


Pumpkin Cannelloni and corn – yum!


After dinner I got the kitchen cleaned up, and found my family hard at work….. playing World of Warcraft…


I got into my jammies and applied my new gel – for the scar on my back where I had the skin cancer cut out. $50 for this little tube!!!! It had better work !


I watched “how to look good naked” then took Christy up to bed where we read a chapter of “Alice Miranda”. Back downstairs I enjoyed a chocolate billabong while watching Relocation, Relocation… but I only made it half way through before going up to bed, where I managed to read just a few pages of my book before going to sleep.

One thought on “A Day in my Life – 14th September, 2011

  1. Nice to catch up a little bit with you Libby. Those muffins look yummy! I have heard that Bio Oil is really good for scars too. Being on your back you can put a little oil in a bath and lay in the water. You can get it from the supermarket.

    Also I see that you are all Mac users! I am thinking of upgrading to a Mac. I have heard good things about it. The main reason I’ve stopped blogging is because my computer at home is sooo slow so I just use my phone.

    Hope you’re having a great day 🙂 x

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