Spring Clean the Recipe Cupboard

I didn’t get much done around the house this week but I did find a bit of time to sort through the recipe book cupboard.


I pulled everything out and sorted – books to donate to the library (so I can read them again if I want), books to donate….mainly kids party cake books…


books to look through again before making a decision… with so many recipes now available online I really need to cull the collection – esp. those that don’t have photographs as I find I very rarely will select a recipe that doesn’t have a photo.


and all the loose recipes to be sorted, culled and put into the correct binders…. I really do collect too many. In addition to these I have lots put in evernote as well.


I then put all the keeper recipe books back in the cupboard… on the right are the kids cook books….


Finally the binders (which I need to make labels for) are put in. I’m not sure what it says about me that the soup/salad/mains folder is not as full at the baking folder … well I do really  :-). Beside the microwave is my FAVOURITES recipe binder and new cookbook (to remind me to use it).


3 thoughts on “Spring Clean the Recipe Cupboard

  1. Wow that was a big cull! I need to do this as well. I printed alot of recipes when I was doing 12wbt and now I want them online. It’s a shame you can’t access the site after the rounds finished. I have just started using evernote for the past month or so quite heavily and I LOVE it! You actually gave me an idea to cut and paste recipes in there. I love how you can use tags and search easily for what you want. I think it’s a great tool to keep organised.

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