The Week that Was

It was the week without Kevin, which meant a somewhat easy routine with the girls. It was the week Bailey enjoyed some car rides….


and I found the first blossoms on our ornamental pear tree…


mind you it’s still mainly bare….


It was the week the weather finally warmed up enough to enjoy being barefoot in the garden…


and to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine…

Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine

It was the week of wondering just how long before the first strawberries will be ready to eat…


It was the week of making banana chocolate muffins…


Mexican spuds…


and homemade bread…


It was the week of a cold, wet start to the school holidays…

Wet start to school holidays

which meant I could make more soup…


and start to make some plans for the school holidays…free printable found here


It was the week I went lounge shopping with my Mum & Dad….


and Christy tried sewing for the first time…


It was the week of dogs and guinea pigs in the garden… I hope Bailey wasn’t wondering how tasty Jasmine would be :-)….


and it was the week Kevin returned from San Francisco and life returned to normal….


It was also week I gave my blog a new look…. it’s a pre-done one but I thought it was so ME :-)…


It was also, unfortunately, the week my hands and feet started feeling swollen and sore again and my heal spur returned :-(. I’ve already made an appointment to see my Doc again next week. I need some answers and want to know what is going on, even if there is no cure or treatment.

8 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. You’re saying hello to springtime, I’m saying goodbye to summer. Oh how I will miss barefoot days in the grass, endless sunshine and fresh veggies. I know you will supply all of that and more with your wonderful blog. And I love the new blog look, btw. Looks like Kevin had a great time in the sates. He brought you all the things we take for granted here. Okay, well I do appreciate those MIlanos tremendously! I can’t decorate as wildly for Halloween as I would like this year since our house is up for sale and that’s a real bummer for me. Looking forward to your pictures!

  2. Hi Libby,

    I like the theme of the new blog, looks great! And that photo of you in the sunshine looks beautiful! It’s SUCH a nice photo of you! The ornamental pear tree flower looks really pretty too! Sorry to hear everything has started playing up again. Hope the doc can help with some answers!

  3. Wow Libby, that is a wonderful pic of you. You look like you’ve lost lots of weight. How’s weight watchers going? Keep up the great work.
    Hope you feel better soon.


  4. hey, libby. hate when my plantar fascitis acts up. have you tried orthotics? only trick is you gotta wear them all the time. unfortunately i think the condition is chronic??? got any good physical therapy tips? anyway get to feeling better!

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