Scrapbook Goodies

Here’s a video of the goodies I got from It might seem a LOT, and it is, but it’s my first order all year, and will keep me going for at least 6-12 months.


3 thoughts on “Scrapbook Goodies

  1. Great haul- do you mind sharing the cost for shipping?

    Also how do you organise all your patterned paper- colour, style, brand or another way I haven’t thought of? Mine is a complete mess!!

  2. MMMMMM love new goodies and you got some great goodies there. Dont know if you are aware that Blue Bazaar is having it’s bootcamp for October and have downloads to get you motivated I failed last year so Im going to have another go this year

  3. Thank you for that Libby, loved looking at all your purchases. Basic Gray was very tempting and all that Halloween stash will look great.

    I was very impressed with your forward planning for Dec Daily…until I realised it’s only 8 weeks till you need it!!!!!!!!!

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