A Day in my Life – 30th September, 2011


Surprisingly I managed to sleep in to nearly 7am (probably because I was awake for a few hours in the middle on the night). It was dogs out, kettle on, tea made and blogs read :-). Christy was up and watching TV, Amy having a shower and Kevin headed off to work.


I made breakfast for Christy (toast) and tidied the kitchen….


including doing some washing up….


before enjoying my own breakfast…


Christy is now in charge of giving the dogs their breakfast.


About 8am I headed upstairs to make the beds, shower and get dressed. I only have to run a few errands, so just put on a little make-up and pulled my hair back.


Then it was off the mall. It was a lovely looking day but it was rather chilly – just 16deg according to the car.


I had my papers in order …


I got distracted by Rockmans and ended up buying a couple of tops….


Then it was the travel agents to pay the balance of our Fji trip, then the chemist to fill the script for my pain medication…


Next was Woolworths for a few grocery items. I wanted to buy some flowers but they didn’t have anything nice :-(.


Then the post office to pick a parcel from Brands Exclusive. While there I made an appointment for Christy’s passport (her’s expires early next year).


Lastly it was Baker’s Delight for some bread.


Then back home…


where I found the girls playing on their computers….


I put away the groceries and opened my box. It’s funny because I do order quite a bit from Brands Exclusive and it can take up to 8 weeks to arrive, I never know what I’m going to get. Today it was 3 handbags. I seem to have been on a bag buying spree lately – but they are all different colours/styles. These retailed for $60-$70 dollars each but I paid $20-$30 each.


I also took my pain medication, and almost right away felt light-headed, which is one of the side effects.

At 11am Amy’s friend Milly arrived for a sleep over. In no time at all they were in the pool. The weather had warmed up slightly but it was too cold for swimming, in my opinion.


I spent some time downloading some new music to exercise to.


The girls made their own lunch- Christy made hers while wearing roller blades …. as you do :-).


I hung out the washing…. and as you can see I had changed into one of my new tops..


cleaned the kitchen table and glass doors…


then made a falafel salad for lunch.


I had planned to watch some youtube videos while eating…


but Christy bought down her baby books and wanted me to go through them with her. It was a fun trip down memory lane. She was excited to learn the first movie she went to was Harry Potter.


After lunch I took a cup of tea and one of the cookies the girls had made into the scrapbook room and did a few layouts.


Around 4pm I played the Harry Potter lego game with Christy….


and then went and did some ironing, while watching videos and eating some popcorn the girls had made.


I head the chickens carrying on and found Bailey outside the laundry door (Milly had left him out there).


It took a while but I got ALL the ironing done.


I bought the washing in and hung up the beach towels. It was then time to have a bit of a relax. The girls did some face painting.


I had planned for Kevin to cook BBQ for dinner but he was late coming home so I ended up just cooking things inside. We had some veggie burgers, potatoes, sweet potato, corn, brocollini and asparagas. It was help yourself and I totally forget to take any photos. After dinner I got into my PJs, took off my make up and painted my nails. Todays colour China Glaze’s Flirty Femininity.


Then finally time to settle on the lounge with Christy, Kevin and the pups (Amy and Milly were watching Pet Cemetary).


We watched Brother Bear, which I was really enjoying but found myself falling asleep.


Before the end of the movie I had to head up to bed. I didn’t even read, just went straight to sleep. Not sure if it was because of the new meds, but I think so.

2 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 30th September, 2011

  1. Looks like a good day Libby, love your clean shiny windows. I love handbags too and will have to check out that website. Its great that you got some layouts done I had a planning day yesterday and am just about to start scrapping. Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  2. Takes me a while sometimes Libby, but I usually catch on eventually. I love the new blog layout. Looks fabulous.
    I am keen on the falafel salad, do you make them and what else do you put into them?

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