The Week that Was

It was a lovely week with the girls home on school holidays. But unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best. We saw days like this….


and others like this….


It was the week Amy and I head up to Sydney for another eye test at the Center for Eye Care…

Center of Eye Care

She had sensers put all over her head and even VERY thins one on her eyes….results in a few weeks….

Amy at her eye test

On the way home we did some shopping at Westfield Miranda and stocked up at the Lush shop….

Lush bath goodies

It was week filled with a lot of craft…

Halloween craft


and the making of Halloween invitations…


and a lovely painting by Christy of Kevin & I watching the sunset…

Painting by Christy

It was the week Christy finished her first sewing project….

Bag by Christy

and lots of games were played…

Game time



It was the week friends came for a sleepover…


and we went to visit with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. It was lovely to catch up (though Kevin had to work) and Christy loved letting everyone know when “Queen Fiona” wanted to talk….


Christy also had fun climbing their giant tree. If you’ve been reading here for a while you might remember a previous climb.




It was the week I greatly admired my Aunt’s photo display of places they had visited…


It was the week of pizza from the freezer….


homemade soup….


and my fav. fast food – Salsa’s…

Salsa's for lunch

It was the week of Rosie being cute…


and Bailey trying out the new lounge for the first time…


And it was the week I found this photo in an old Country Living magazine and found the perfect saying….


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  1. hi libby, love reading your day in the life of and all the photos you take. how do you feel taking photos in public – you know, like in a shop, etc.? i feel very self conscious or do you do it on the “sly” ? !!!!! and my kids hate having their pic taken esp in public. anyway i wish i was more like you and did an interesting post with lots of pics. keep it up! hols are nearly over. cheers, Amanda

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