Grandpa’s Farm

At Grandpa's Farm

It’s been a while since we went out to visit the girls Grandpa (Kevin’s Dad) and since he’s about to start more chemo we thought we’d go for a visit. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t real good (much as it’s been all school holidays) but we all had a nice time.

With Grandpa

A highlight for the girls was getting to ride the quad bike.

Getting ready to ride

Christy had a turn with Grandpa and Kevin, and even drove by herself (with Kevin on the back). Amy also had a ride but I didn’t manage to get a photo – I think she must have been too fast :-).

Riding at Grandpa's farm Let's ride

A highlight for me was seeing the new Spring lambs. He had 17 but was down to 15. They are so cute.

New spring lambs Spring Lambs

Since Christy has found her camera (it turned up in Amy’s cupboard) she was keen to take some photos and managed to get quite close.

Pudding wildlife photographer

I wish I had bought the big camera but it wouldn’t have been a wise idea in the rain. Excuse the eyes closed photos – that’s what happens when you ask your vision-impaired daughter to take a photo – but at least this one’s not blurry :-). As you can see we weren’t really dressed appropriately as the sun was out when we left home.

At the farm in the rain

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