The Week that was

NOTE : Sorry this is a day late. We had to go up to Sydney yesterday and then I couldn’t load up the photos :-(.

It’s been another funny week. It was the second week of school holidays with more cold, wet weather. It was lovely having the girls at home and we managed to spring clean both their rooms.

Rain, rain, go away

It was also the week we got our Hawks season tickets and this year we got free t-shirts. Mine’s a bit on the big side so I’m not sure how much I’ll wear it….


It was the week we met Russ….

Meet Russ (our friends dog)

and Kevin had to break into our safe to get out information so we could get Christy a new passport…

Breaking into our own safe - need to get out passports

It was the week I spotted Christmas decorations in the stores….

First sighting of Christmas decorations

It was the week our Halloween costumes arrived…

Halloween Costume delivery

I got out the Halloween decorations…

Getting ready to decorate

and the girls (and friend Millie)  put them out….though I might have moved a few around :-).

Putting out Halloween decorations

It was the week we visited Grandpa’s farm…

Grandpas Farm

and saw some strange sights around town….

Sights around town

and around home….

Looking beautiful

It was the week we bought a load of roadside fruit…

Roadside fruit purchase

and Amy picked mulberries while staying at a friends house…

Fresh pick mulberries by Amy

It was the week Christy tried fresh apple juice for the first time…. don’t think she liked it :-)….

Christy trying fresh apple juice for the first time

It was the week of the first Hawks game, where we wore our new t-shirts….

First Hawks basketball game of season

and enjoyed our new closer seats :-)…..

New season seats

It was the week of failed brownies…


and successful scrolls made by Amy…


There were yummy vegetable quesadillas….

Vegetable Quesadilla's

and takeaway noodles….

Takeaway Noodles

And it was the week of playful pups….

Playtime Bailey & Rosie

3 thoughts on “The Week that was

  1. what a wonderful week indeed! ps – when I saw that you got Hawks membership – I assumed you mean the AFL team! So I was a bit confused for a while there when I saw the red tshirts lol

  2. Wow, I never knew your name was Elisabeth. I love that name. You should definitely use it. At least with the bad weather you got to do some inside jobs. Glad you survived the holidays.

  3. Great seats Libby!!! Those brownies look amazing!!! Hey the UCLA team is going back to Australia next year!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can go again!!

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