Update on Amy’s vision problems

Amy at her eye test

As most of you know Amy has been having problems seeing things both near and far for some months now. We had really hoped to get some answers this week but unfortunately it’s not to be. She has a lump behind one pupil, which is bleeding, that we need to see another specialist about. It will either be treated or kept an “eye” on – both have risks.

As for her vision problem we need to do more tests but I’m not sure when they will be. I nearly fell on the floor when the Opthomologist asked if we wanted the test before or after Christmas. Maybe she’s just more worried about the lump, I don’t know, but Amy can’t see and we’d like it fixed ASAP. It’s hard for her at school so I’m hoping we get some answers and a direction to travel sooner rather than later.

3 thoughts on “Update on Amy’s vision problems

  1. I really hope you can get some answers soon. You know when it’s anything to do with your kids it’s a 100 times worse. Here’s to finding out real soon. Hugs to Amy and her mama.

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