New Love = LUSH

Love the Lush shop

I’m sure I’m behind with my love for LUSH products but we don’t have a store in Wollongong :-(. I only just went to my first store back in April but I instantly fell in love. Not only do they have wonderful products (which are homemade, not tested on animals, and many are even vegan) but they are a great ethical company.


When you go into a store you are hit with all these wonderful smells and colours. The girls and I love going around and smelling them all.

Lush bath goodies

And putting our favourites into the yellow bags.

Goodies from Lush

Which are then labelled – lucky as I’d never know which was which otherwise.

Lush yumminess

Once home I cut them up as required and place back into their bags. And into this tub. There are lots of wonderful ways to store lush products as I discovered on Youtube.

Restocked bucket of Lush

Now the best part… running a bath…

Bath time

Selecting a bath bomb or bubble bar…

Lush bubble bar

breaking off a piece and dropping it into the bath….


Love them so much. I’m hoping for another store visit soon so I can check out all the wonderful Christmas goodies. Even if you’re not a bath lover yourself they make fantastic gifts, and sell other products like fresh face masks….

Looking beautiful

If you ever get the chance go check out the store – I’m sure you won’t regret it. And for those of you who are already on the lush-love bandwagon – please let me know your favourite products so I can give them a try.

3 thoughts on “New Love = LUSH

  1. I love Lush too! Not sure if they have the same products in Aus as over here but my fav item is the Shimmy shimmy massage bar – great for Xmas because it gives you a lovely subtle shimmer. I also love their shampoo bars…great value for money x

  2. I haven’t been to Lush in a while but I love it! My faves were the Buffy the backside slayer [think thats what it was called, really good exfoliation bar] and the Avobath bathbomb that turns your bath green and smells quite citrussy/fresh 🙂

  3. I saw one of these places when we were on a family outing once, but didn’t get a chance to investigate. How fun! This makes me want to go back and check it out (and have a nice long bath).

    Have a lovely week.

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