The week that was

Unbelievably it was a week of great weather. It was also the week I got back into my (revised) routine as it was a fairly normal, quiet week.

It was the week I got my new phone… isn’t she cute?


And it was definitely the week of fresh juice and smoothies….



It was the week I discovered Typo had opened in Wollongong…


and I bought myself this cute little mail stand….


and a cookbook stand (since my beautiful glass butterfly one finally broke)….


It was the week I found this huge butterfly in the garden – he seemed to be a bit stuck but eventually flew away…


It was the week I admired Coles new Organic fruit and veg section – then realized everything was packaged in plastic and on foam trays:-(.


and with the warm weather it was definitely the week for fresh fruit. I started making up a huge tray for the girls and I (and any friends) to munch on over the afternoon….

IMG_5737.JPG IMG_5738.JPG

It was the week Amy went to a Halloween Party dressed as an Emo (depressed Goth for those of you like me who have no idea what an Emo is)….

IMG_5772.jpg IMG_5773.jpg

It was the week I discovered the most amazing Hummus EVER….. so sad it’s a limited edition….


and it was the week for lots of yummy new recipes…. quesadillas from Frost Bite….


pumpkin pasta bake for when my friend Mel came over for lunch….


fiesta salad before the basketball (which we lost)…


and Christy helped me make a delicious beetroot brownie on the weekend…


Of course with the warm weather it was the week of swimming….


And as always, cute doggies to be found….

IMG_5770.jpg IMG_5768.jpg IMG_5724.JPG IMG_5722.JPG

And it was the week my Mum bought me this box of orange chocolates (she knows what I love)….. they were indeed VERY yummy…


6 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Love the fresh fruit platter. I saw a photo on a blog (yes I should have pinned it but I am not yet in the habit) and they served the wedges of watermelon like you have but you push a paddlepop stick into the rind so you can eat it like an ice block. Such a great idea and you know kids will eat anything thats a bit fun (not that my kids have ever turned down watermelon!)

    When I read the description of Amy’s outfit I actually read “ELMO” and when I scrolled down I was very confused LOL Then I read it again 🙂

  2. Hi again Libby…I turned my brain on and checked my history for the blog (duh!) and I pinned the photo I was talking about.

  3. Ha ha, I read it as Elmo too, I must say Amy looked great – she pulled it off very well! Well, so much for no spending! A new phone!!! A cookbook stand, a mail stand!!! 🙂 The fruit looks delish!

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