Halloween House Tour


I thought with Halloween just around the corner I’d share with you how our house is looking this year.  Not not people in Australia decorate for Halloween so this is considered to be a lot (if not over the top) over here. There are a few more decorations to go up for our Halloween Party on Saturday. You can either watch the video above and/ or check out the photos below….

The front entry…



The main bathroom…



The loungeroom…



Aren’t these flowers gorgeous – just perfect with our Halloween decor…


IMG_5839.JPG IMG_5834.JPG

My computer desk….


The kitchen…

IMG_5844.JPG IMG_5845.jpg

IMG_5846.JPG IMG_5847.JPG

And the family room…

IMG_5827.JPG IMG_5826.JPG

It’s interesting to look back over the years – 2010 and 2009 and 2008. Every year we add a few more pieces (mainly thanks to Kevin travelling to the States).

5 thoughts on “Halloween House Tour

  1. You are the only one I know who celebrates halloween, your house is as beautiful as always. I don’t think I’ve ever seen your staircase (whereabout in the house is it?) but always imagined a spiral one for some reason though. It is gorgeous though. Enjoy your party!

  2. Okay, maybe this is a very stupid question but is Halloween not celebrated in Australia?? Or is it just not as huge as it has gotten in the states? Sorry, if this is an ignorant question!!! LOL

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