Trick or Treat


The girls and some of their friends got all dressed up. From left to right we had Em the black fairy, Milly the cow, Christy the Princess, Shantel the Barbie and Amy the emo (again) – will be so glad to see the last of “emo” Amy, though at least we didn’t have the dried tears today….


and headed out for some fun trick or treating…


Meanwhile I handed out treats to anyone trick or treating at our door …


when they returned they counted out their stash and Amy took over front door duties (to the relief of my feet)….


One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Wonderful inflatable!! Jacob was out trick ot treating last night…..lots of sweeties but he’s saving them till after we have been to the dentist on Thursday 🙂
    We have the same highland cow hat too!!

    Jenny xx

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