High School Reunion


Last night I headed back to my old stomping ground in Sydney to attend a High School reunion for our year 10. Being that I went on to year 12 there were quite a few girls that I did not remember.


It was fantastic to catch up with “my group”, whom thanks to facebook I’m in more regular contact with now.


Amanda (on the left) was my Math buddy and I haven’t seen her since 1988. You might remember Suzanne from when I met up with her in London last year, and Kimberly (right) lives abroad (and I also haven’t seen since 1988). Overall most girls hadn’t changed very much. Most just have much better hair these days :-).

Of course, you know my best friend Leanne and her other best friend, also Leanne. Being that I spend much of the night sitting on the couch (due to sore feet and then a headache) I nearly missed getting a photo of the three of us.


It was really great to catch up with Nicole (our Mum’s were great friends) so even though we weren’t school friends we spend a lot of time together as children.


A lot of girls really didn’t seem to know who I was. Not sure I knew either as my high school name was Liz Given and for the last 19 years I’ve been Libby Withnall :-).

Now my hair was not actually naturally curly when I was younger but unfortunately school photos were taken right when I had a LOVELY 80s perm. When I saw the photo I kind of got why know one knew who I was.  What do you think? Would you have recognised me?


Despite feeling really poorly I was glad I made the effort to go. It was just a shame I couldn’t fully enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “High School Reunion

  1. hey libby, did you go to east hills girls? what a small world – i am a remote acquaintence of Amanda aka AJ !!!!!!! where was the reunion held?

  2. So glad you got a photo of the cake. I was terrible with my camera last night Just forgot to get it out until the rollcall. Isn’t it funny that one of your blog readers knows Amanda. Small world.

  3. Oh Libby I had that exact same hairstyle, will try and find a photo of it later. Glad you had a great time at the reunion.

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