The week that was


Finally a week of blue skies and warm-hot weather (only one cold day this week).

It was the week of more buds on our ornamental pear tree – love watching it fill up more and more each week…


and the gardinias starting to bloom…


It was the week of trick or treating…


and games played with friends….with Kevin away (in Thredbo) for the weekend the girls had friends over all weekend…


It was the week of new Crocs – aren’t they so nice?


It was the week of adding more raw foods into my diet…. looking for a way to reduce my arthritis pain….


and the week I discovered my new favourite juice – carrot, celery, apple, pineapple and beetroot….


It was the week of my high school reunion and a drive by the police station where I once did work experience…


It was the week I found this little bird stuck in our house and rescued him….


It was the week Amy made some vegan cupcakes to take to school….


and I found this lovely looking dessert to make for our early xmas eve lunch with friends….


It was the week I wore shorts for the first time in 12.5 years…. only around the house mind you as it’s not a great look with my compression stocking…


and finally it was week of downward-facing dogs….


Not a lot of photos to share as it was the week I suffered with a lot of headaches and generally not feeling real well :-(.

3 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. had to laugh at the downward dog 🙂

    re shorts, this is what I do Libby. Buy a pair of cheapo stretch sjeans (Kmart) and hack them into shorts. once you’ve washed them a few times, you get a nice frayed edged that teams up with cheese cloth tops. Plus, being stretch, they’re as comfy as!

  2. Oh my goodness, that Plug’n’Play is just down the road from our house! I thought I recognised the EHGHS logo in your reunion pics! I went to BGHS and we used to debate against your school. I must have been a year ahead of you. I had no idea you were from this area. 🙂

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