Spring Clean the Wardrobe

Still slowly making my way around the home. It’s very hard with this arthritis and heal spur, but last week I did manage to attack our walk-in-wardrobe.

Turning this…


into this… the top was driving me mad as this what you see when you walk into the room.






And “Kevin’s” side….before…




See my bags all nice and organised now…. I’m sure there is a better way though…if anyone has any ideas please let me know.


And the other side with Kevin’s stuff …. and my scarves…


Poor Kevin when I look at the photos I realize how little space he has in our wardrobe….not that he needs any more. Guess it’s lucky for me he’s not into fashion… or handbags!

4 thoughts on “Spring Clean the Wardrobe

  1. Hi Libby,
    I think that your handbags would look great in some of those seagrass?? baskets. It would match the right hand side and you can throw hubby’s hats in one too. Saying all that I assume that you can find some more of those baskets. You’ve done a great job in there.


  2. wow you love your handbags libby!! i cant be bothered transfering all my stuff over when i change bags. i carry so much around – even my bodybuilding gloves and ipod for the gym! i have a gorgeous black leather tote bag (aka overnight bag hahaha – thats what some people say!) and everything stays in that oherwise i’ll forget something. it also holds a litre of water (always). its not that big – just an oversize handbag. good job on the wardrobe – thats one of my pending jobs!

  3. I am so jealous of all that space. Gary & I share one teeny tiny wardrobe 50/50 and I keep telling him that as a girl I should get more LOL. Love your bag collection…I just had a purge of mine this week.

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