The Week that Was

Sorry I’m a bit behind. Had trouble updating photos to flickr yesterday but all is fixed now. It just means you’ll have two posts today- this one and a day in my life (which I’ll get up later today).

It was a bit of a funny week. We had hot weather with a couple of good storms.

It was the week I tried really hard to keep up with my routines – still trying to fine tune it so things don’t get missed.


It was the week I finally started another crochet project – a striped lap blanket. Really happy with it so far.


It was the week I finally rang up and made an appointment to have a treatment on my heal spur. It’s not always successful so here’s hoping it will work.


It was the week Christy got a new outfit for the upcoming dance concert…


and enjoyed playing in the pool.


It was the week of photographing Fudgie….


and Charlie as they enjoyed time outdoors….


It was also the week the pups got new toys… and amazing didn’t destroy them yet…

IMG_6138.JPG IMG_6136.JPG

It was the week I treated myself to this cute stuff (mostly Jamie Oliver) from Target…


and baked a delicious Chocolate Zucchini Bread.


It was also the week I packed up a tub of lollies…


and we made an impromptu trip (only decided on Tuesday night) to Dubbo Zoo.


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