The Week that was

Oh, dear I’m late getting this post up again. So sorry. It’s been a little crazy around here – bit and pieces happening PLUS lots of pain from my arthritis and heal spur. It’s not very fun to be me at the moment :-(.

But back to last week. It was the week I stated treatment for my heal spur (it’s got an 80% success rate so let’s hope it works for me – then I only have the arthritis to deal with 🙂 )

It was the week I recieved an order from Whittards..


no idea why I did photograph everything, including my new fav cup, but I did photograph the Christmas tea. I’ve had this before and LOVED it.


It was the week Rosie chewed her tail and had to wear the cone of shame….


It was the week we started picking lettuce and tomatoes from the garden…


which is growing like crazy with all the sun and rain we’ve been having….


It was the week Kevin bought a new toy to wash his car… and didn’t wash mine….


he did, however, run lots of cables so my gate remote control in the car works better….



It was the week I wondered if Christy would have tennis lesson…. then I looked at the radar….


It was the week fresh flowers brightened my home again…. along with some fresh eggs….


It was the week of salads enjoyed outdoors….


and lunch with some old friends from the kids playgroup days…


featuring this yummy vegetable rissoto cake from Lisa at Bike Bake Blog…


It was the week we enjoyed cookies made by Amy and her friend, Milly…


and quesadillas, made by me …..


And it was the week Bailey maintained his position as the world’s craziest dog….

IMG_6388.JPG IMG_6389.JPG

It was also the week of seeing Cesar Millan and meeting Vanessa and her family at East Beach.

2 thoughts on “The Week that was

  1. So sorry to hear you are in pain with that silly spur. I have my fingers crossed that you start to feel better soon. You must tell me the secret to the brilliant tomatoes you are growing. they look wonderful and I bet they taste divine. i’m going to have a go at tomatoes soon. Have a nice week. Vanessa

  2. Sorry you are in pain, that is horrible!!! Your garden looks amazing and that blue package with pink bow looks like a fun mail treat!! You are so lucky to have been able to see Cesar Milan, my friend just dropped off a set of DVD’s for me to watch that he made about puppies!!! Hope you feel better asap!!

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