Let’s Juice


It’s hard to believe but just one month ago I didn’t think I liked fresh juices. In fact, I couldn’t tell you if I’d ever tried one or the last time I might have. I’m not a fan of bottled juice (even orange) so just assumed I wouldn’t like fresh juice. Then suddenly every other blog I read or vlog I watched was doing fresh juices. So I decided to try one. And even with a bit too much celery I LOVED it. Within a week we had our own juicer (Kevin informs me he bought one MANY years ago but I donated it when it didn’t get used!!!) and were doing fresh juices for breakfast nearly every day.

Amy’s favourite is a basic apple, pineapple and carrot. Sometimes with some freshly squeezed orange juice.


My current obsession is the above – apple, pineapple and carrot, with the addition of some celery (because it’s good for you) and beetroot (which makes this oh, so, delicious…and red)




Upon reading the instructions I discovered the jug has a froth excluder – I had no idea what the part was for…. now I just have to find it. I don’t mind the froth though because I drink it with a metal straw.



Does anyone have any favourite juice combinations for me to try?


  1. Libby Withnall says:

    I haven’t tried that Lucy. And Mum just gave me a big bag of carrots as she had to go away for a week. Guess what I’ll be trying later 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    hey libby – i just love juices but youve got to be really careful coz the more fruit you put in the more cals/sugar you consume and no fibre. i always did veg/salad and limited it to only one fruit in the combo. cucumber and tomato in the mix is yum too and even red capsicum in combos is nice. enjoy! (although washing the juicer can be a bit of a chore!

  3. chantel says:

    Hi Libby, yum! My favourite is also just plain carrot or just plain watermelon 🙂 Delicious! Hope when you try the carrot later you enjoy it 🙂

  4. Paola says:

    My favourite is apple, carrot, celery and beetroot with a bit of ginger. Yummo. I have a cake recipe you make with the dregs somewhere, so you don’t have to miss out on the fibre either!:)

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