Spring 2011

I travelled to….

Sydney LOTS of times with Amy for a myriad of appointments and tests. Hard to believe a whole season has past and we still have no answers.

Gorgeous skies

Dubbo Zoo for a last minute trip away with the family


I listened to….

far too much rain.

I read….

not enough. Now that I’ve discovered daily vlogs I’m even struggling to keep up with my favourite blogs. I’ve also been slow reading books at night. And I have a stack of “real” books that I borrowed from the library that I haven’t even touched yet.

I watched….

Amy perform at the Sydney Entertainment Center in RAW, Cesar Millan on stage, The Mentalist, Glee, Australia’s Next Top Model, and the Smurf Movie for Christy’s birthday.


I also watched quite a few basketball games now that the 2011/12 season is underway.


I wore….

Crocs (surprise, surprise), jeans, new vests I got from Katies (bought all 3 colours), and shorts for the first time in over 12 years.


I scrapped…

a bit. I had a good restart in October but have lost my way again 🙁

I made….

okay, so I didn’t make it, but I did plant it … the veggie garden.

Veggie garden after

and I started work on a new blanket.


I planned….

our trip to Fiji (not that much planning was required)

I celebrated….

a high school reunion.


Father’s Day.




and Christy’s 10th Birthday.

I dreamed…

of not being in pain with arthritis and a heal spur, and of Fiji…which is now just 3 weeks away


Odds and sodds….

Many hours have been spent in my Uniform duties in the planning and organising of our new school uniform.

We got 6 new chickens (and lost 2 of our old girls).

I joined Weight Watchers, lost some weight, then fell back into old eating habits, and regained most of the weight :-(.

It been a strange few months. I don’t seem to have achieved very much at all (though I did get bits of Spring Cleaning done) but it was so busy with apts for Amy and general running around. I seemed to spend a lot of time in the car – which is unusual for me.

I made sure to be more social this Spring and got to catch up with quite a few friends, which was very nice.

I had a treatment on my heal spur – but don’t think it has worked.