A day in my life – 1st December, 2011


Slept in till 6.30am this morning. Let the dogs out, made a tea and enjoyed it while catching up on blogs. I am WAY BEHIND so if I haven’t commented on your blog for a while I will get there eventually. Kevin always tells me just to mark everything in google reader as read, but I don’t want to miss out on anything :-).


Kevin and Amy headed off at 7.15am and I headed up to check on Christy, who was busy wrapping Christmas presents.


I made her bed and helped her tidy up, then went and did the same for Amy.


I then did the same for my room and headed for a shower. Then dressed and put on make-up. I’ve been a bit slack about wearing make-up lately but should make the effort to do it every day as I feel so much better about myself. Much more put together and not so much a frumpy housewife :-).


I grabbed the girls washing baskets and got the laundry started.


I then made Christy’s breakfast and lunch.

IMG_6528.JPG IMG_6529.JPG

and a juice for myself,


before feeding the budgies (and having a pat of Fudgie) before moving them outside.


At 8.30am Christy headed off to school….


and I headed outside where I feed the chooks….who have finally discovered the side path.


This is the shoe changing/wiping feeding station.


Next I watered the veggie garden and bought in some lettuce for Jasmine.


A load of handwashing…


and I could finally make my breakfast. Today I had a “crack wrap” – cheese and hummus in a tortilla – yummo!


I put my feet up and relaxed for a bit. Hey, do you like todays socks from Little Miss Matched?


Next up today was some ironing.


Then when my feet started to get too sore I headed out on my trike with the dogs.


It was really windy down at the lake – it’s not too often you see waves!


We had a great time until this…..


Yep, this is the second time this has happened but at least I wasn’t too far from home this time.


I think the dogs were quite appreciative of the slower pace as we walked home.


With the dogs tired and resting I got ready to head out to the shops.


I parked up top today as my destination was Big W in search of little gifts for the girls advent calander (Kevin wants no chocolate in it this year!!)


It was lunch time I know but I was really surprised to find it so busy. Looks like I’ll need to move to early morning shopping very soon.


I’m sure you can all guess what I also got. I can’t help myself. Gloria Jeans makes the BEST Iced Chocolates.


Back home I found the remains of some bread I’d put out for the chickens.


One guess who the guilty dog is?


I then took all my purchases upstairs and made a list of what I had for the advent calander. Then went and typed it on the computer, printed it and put into the pockets. The girls will be excited because we’d talked about not bothering with the advent this year. There are some presents and lots of things to do.


While I was doing this the dogs hung out in the sun.


I then made and uploaded my Spring Favourites video…


before having my lunch. I also picked up some Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls while at the shops.


At 2.30pm I headed into the scrapbook room and started to work on my Journal Your Christmas (December Daily) albums. But I didn’t get very far as Nan came over for a chat.


Then it was time for Bailey and I to go and pick up the girls.


Back home Amy made some sweet scrolls while I decided to do a bit of Christmas decorating. I didn’t get all the boxes down but have enough out to make me happy. I’ll be doing a video next week.


When Christy got home from her tennis lesson it was time to do the advent calender. Today was Christmas t-shirts.


The girls enjoyed a poolside fruit platter (prepared by Amy) then Christy and Shantel had a swim.


I enjoyed some cherries in amongst numerous runs to dance lessons dropping various girls off.


I also managed to get dinner in the oven and almost made a coconute banana bread. I had no coconut cream so had to wait until Kevin came home with it, and the girls at 6.30pm.


We were just about to sit down to dinner when the Powell’s (minus Alyssa) arrived to pick up Kevin’s old prius (which they are buying). We still sat down to eat but I totally forgot to take photos, Luciky there was  some of the leftover risotto cakes for me to photograph.


After dinner I made some Christmas tea in my Christmas tea pot/cups  for us girls to enjoy.



We then discovered the prius was no longer insured so they couldn’t take it home after all. Luckily it was suitable for us to drop it off on our way to Canberra the next day as it’s not too far out of the way.  We still had a enjoyable few hours chatting, and drinking tea. Eventually my banana bread was ready.


When the Powells left about 9.30pm I sent everyone up to bed while I did some washing and tidying.


Then I took off my make-up and did my skin car routine before hopping in to bed and reading for a bit. Then it was lights out around 10.30pm. It’s certainly been one of my more busy days.

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  1. Makes me tired just reading this, Libby. I love your christmas teapot, so very cute, Tess will love this as she has a thing for teapots. Love the bi-socksual remark, very funny 🙂

  2. I know I say this all the time but reading your blog makes me feel so lazy LOL! Love the photos of the doggies 🙂

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