The Week that Was

It was a week that began with a drive to Sydney at peak hour….


for yet another eye test for Amy…


Followed the next day by a vision assessment to help her at school…


It was the week we visited IKEA….


where we had very yummy spinach and cheese crepes for lunch….


and Amy fell in love with this desk set up (she’s hoping for a re-do of her room for her 13th Birthday in March)….


It was the week we put up the tree…. yep that’s it…no decorations yet… if the kids want them they have to do it… I’m too sore…


It was also the week I put out SOME decorations – probably about half of what we have … and no Christmas village yet….


It was the week I picked up our tickets for Fiji …. only 2.5 weeks till we leave now…


It was the week I received this necklace in the mail…. just in case I forget who I am :-).


and the week I played with adding glitter to the tips of my nails…


It was the week we started the advent calender…no chocolates this year – just little pressies and plenty of things to do…


It was the week I spotted this gorgeous sign at Target…


and the week Kevin & I went on a weekend getaway to Canberra for our 19th Wedding Anniversary…


It was the also week for the pups closeups…. okay who can tell them apart by their noses? 🙂

IMG_6512.JPG IMG_6514.JPG

3 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. I have no idea about the dogs but I just wanted to congratulate you and Kevin on your Anniversary!

  2. I agree with Heather, I think Rosie is first and the Bailey. Their noses are very alike!

    Congratulations on your 19th anniversary too.

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