Farewell to the last piggy standing


I knew Jasmine wasn’t well last night. I took our outside to eat some grass but she just wasn’t herself. I cuddled her for a bit and realized she couldn’t see. When I put her back in her cage and she didn’t eat her fresh spinach, I knew she was nearing the end. And at 6.5 years old that’s not surprising. This morning I found her dead in her little house.  She was the last of the three little pigs.


I’m a bit sadder than normal (when an older pet dies) because she was my guinea pig. We originally bought 2 – one for each of the girls – but then I wanted one so we went back to get her the next day. It’s already sad when I walk by the cage and there is no sound of her moving around or squeaks that she wants some food.


5 thoughts on “Farewell to the last piggy standing

  1. Sorry to hear this Libby it’s so sad when a pet dies especially the older ones. I remember looking at my 19 year old cat as she was lying out in the garden in the sun (a few years ago), knowing that she was sick and I would have to put her down the following week. She was my constant companion along with her mum who died at 17. Jeddah was only a week off being 20 years old. Thinking of you.

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