So glad it’s the weekend

Sorry there’s been nothing on blog this week. I’ve had the girls home most of the week sick. Not that I was home with them. I wanted too but couldn’t as I had to deal with this…

I think there were well over 30 boxes of new school uniforms (we have a totally new look school uniform).  Mid packing looking like this, and these photos don’t do justice to the chaos we experienced at times.


After almost 3 days Mum (who was the most wonderful helper) and I had packed nearly 200 orders.


I felt so sorry having the leave the sick girls to fend for themselves but I had no choice. They were so good about it. But Christy kept calling asking when I’d be home – she wanted her Mum :-(. My Dad was just next door much of time but on Friday morning Amy went to school and Christy was all by herself. That’s when you miss having no siblings to call on for help.

Anyway, finally we returned the room to state of order…..


just don’t look at the other half of the room….


which is stack of old uniforms and empty boxes waiting to be flattened.

Now I just need everyone to pick up their orders next week, then I sit back and relax and get ready for Fiji!!!