A Day in my Life – 15th December, 2011

After having Kevin’s work dinner last night and not going to sleep until after midnight it was a slow start for me today – 6.30am :-).

First up the dogs out and a cup of tea in my Christmas mug, and some computer time. For the first time in over a week I don’t have to be out the door before 9am!


Amy comes down just before 7am all ready for her school excursion to Jamberoo water park.


Not long after Kevin and her leave.


The dogs are wondering if they can go too :-).


I head back to the couch and end up reading the Advertiser that Dad left here last night. I couldn’t tell you the last time I read the paper.


Then it was time to feed the chickens…the babies are getting bigger by the day.


This little one was having a dust bath in the sun.


As you can see it’s a gorgeous day…. for a change.


I watered the veggie garden and found these guys waiting at the door.


Next up are the budgies.


Do you like their Christmas decoration?


I rescued two Christmas beatles that I found in the house.


Then I headed upstairs. I made Amy’s bed and noticed how cute Rosie looked on her mat.


I then helped Christy to tidy her room.


Before making my bed, showering and getting ready for the day. No makeup today as I’m having a facial later on.


More chores. First load of washing on.


Then finally time for some juice for breakfast.


Then it was time to take Christy to school. There was a stop work meeting till 11am which was why I managed to get so much done before leaving. Do you see Rosie in the window?


Christy had a disco at school and they were allow to wear mufti.


Bailey and I then headed home. We found Rosie where we left her.


I got sidetracked sorting and tidying our spare/emergency pantry…


when I moved Christy’s bike into the garage from the front entry, now that she won’t be riding to school everyday. Don’t think I’ve seen the front entry area looking so good for a long time.


Next up time to tackle the papers on my desk…


and add up the banking for the uniform shop.


I got my bag and stuff sorted for the afternoon….


and made a yummy taco salad for for lunch.


Then it was off the local shopping center to bank all that cash, duck into Big W for some cotton balls and then…. I’m sure you know what happened next. I mean I had to walk right past it to get to my car.


Then to Albion Park. I love driving down here  – it’s so pretty and there are cows :-). And it’s only 15mins from home.


My destination – this building to pick up some more uniform dresses for school.


Then back up the road where I was just a few minutes late for my facial. Felt so good to relax and be pampered.


I was finished in time to pick up Amy and Christy. Back home Christy wanted to show me all her workbooks from school.


At 4.3opm I took Amy up to dancing, then an hour later I took Christy. On the way we stopped to post a few letters.


With being so busy lately I bought a few easy dinners in my grocery shop this week. Tonight was vegetable korma, basmati rice and nann bread. All I did was heat and serve. It was really good too.


While we were finishing off Kevin got the dogs dinner and did a bit of training.


Finally I got settled down to watch some TV and write out Christmas cards.


I then watch an episode of The Hotel Inspector and made a cup of tea before putting Christy to bed and enjoying a cup of tea with my book (in bed)


Lights out at 9.30pm. Not surprising after my last night and busy day. Can’t believe this time next week we’ll be in Fiji. I can’t wait.

3 thoughts on “A Day in my Life – 15th December, 2011

  1. I love these post of yours. So down to earth and I love seeing a little bit of where you live. I would love to see one of these posts on a weekend sometime! 🙂

  2. Very full day indeed! I love the bird decorations! i haven’t seen anything like that over here! Kevin looks like the Dog Whisperer making eye contact before giving them food!! Very impressive!! Glad you had a nice day!!

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